What’s hot and what’s a bot

2020 technology trends for Theme parks, Resorts, Casinos, Hospitality and workplace Catering.

Find out what’s trending in 2020 for theme park, resort, casino, hospitality and workplace catering technology. Download our exclusive new e-book  What’s Hot and What’s a Bot and get ahead in 2020.

Trends for 2020 include

  • The use of virtual assistants and video – the increased adoption of smart speakers in homes will enable consumers to order and book anything.
  • Artificial intelligence and facial recognition – virtual assistants coupled with facial recognition can instantly recognise the visitors face and greet them by name!
  • Wearables – from wrist bands to smart fabrics, wearables are predicted to generate heaps of valuable engagement data in 2020.
  • The multi-function mobile app – Statista estimates mobile apps will generate worldwide revenues of $582bn in 2020 and rise to $935bn in 2023.
  • Plus lots more

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