What the future holds – an Amazon convergence between retail and theme parks

To infinity, and beyond!

The year is 2035. The Covid-19 Pandemic is now a crucial chapter in history books taught in schools. And the world’s largest theme park owned by Amazon has announced its latest innovation. An AI-powered ride, with changing track direction and immersive holographic creatures based on the visitors’ personal preferences.

But this isn’t the most significant thing about the Amazon-powered theme park. It’s the level of conversion between retail innovation and attraction entertainment that is the most intriguing.

A recent article in Blooloop online included the musings of Lance Hart, CEO of Screamscape, about the recent purchase by Amazon of MGM for $8.4 billion. The deal included the rights of over 4,000 movies and about 17,00 hours of TV programming. Lance said, “I had to wonder if Amazon might be willing to follow in the footsteps that most other multi-media giants had done at one point or another, and get involved in the world of theme parks and theme entertainment.”

It’s not a stretch for Lance to imagine this, for any of us to imagine it. But rather than focus on the concepts using the IP-rights of such MGM titles like James Bond as a themed experience, I wondered about the other innovations Amazon could bring, and enhance, theme parks with.

Souvenir Store-Go

Amazon’s cashier-less Just Walk Out technology, or Amazon Go, has been trialled for several years, but more recently has arrived at a full-size grocery store for the first time. The new 25,000 square foot Amazon Fresh store, as Dilip Kumar, Amazon’s vice president of Physical Retail and Technology, said, “showcases the technology’s continued ability to scale and adapt to new environments and sectors.”

So, it’s relatively easy to see the leap to convenience stores across a large-scale resort for visitors to get snacks and drinks, or even gift and souvenir shops. Staff could be re-deployed to enhance the retail experience, finding stock in different sizes, allowing children to play with toys before purchasing, and assisting with visitor needs.

The concept of retailtainment could be greatly enhanced through Amazon technology. And with Amazon’s unparalleled ability to deliver products at speed, visitors can expect their souvenirs to be ready and waiting in their hotel rooms by the end of the day.

Contactless Supercharged

Even today in 2021 digital assistance technology in the home has changed the way we listen to music, order food shopping or call friends and family. By 2035 an Amazon-led theme park with Alexa, could be a complete step-change.

Post-Covid visitors want contact-less payment and contact-free technology – our research in January 2021 revealed 56% of consumers want contactless entry, with 49% wanting pay-at-table technology and self-scan checkout.

Alexa around the theme park could direct visitors to where they need to go, make a restaurant reservation, take payment and so much more. Alexa may even have a dedicated ride or experience created just for her!

Revamped Robotics

At the Amazon Robotics and Advanced Technology labs near Seattle and in Northern Italy, teams rigorously test and develop new technologies to help move carts and packages through Amazon facilities to make employees’ jobs safer.

By the opening of the new theme park in 2035, Amazon will have employed these innovations to aid in the construction of the park swiftly and safely, and then once opened support supplies being delivered across the large-scale resort.

With the ongoing developments in IoT and AI, those supplies being delivered around the park will be tracked and updated in real-time ensuring no shelves are left empty, or merchandise levels too low to accommodate visitor numbers.

With behavioural analytics those inventory systems can even calculate what stock and merchandise visitors will want, based on past behaviours, trend analysis, weather, etc. You’ll be purchasing an Amazon-branded fleece before you’ve had a chance to realise you’re cold.

To infinity, and beyond

There are too many innovations from Amazon to include them all – from their autonomous robotaxi, to Amazon One, a new way for people to use the palm of their hand to pay in store, present a loyalty card, or enter a location (like a theme park!).

Beyond Lance’s original article exploring the possibility of the content now owned by Amazon filling a theme park with exciting experiences and rides, it’s also easy to see their innovation creating a whole new era in Visitor Engagement.

Let us know your visions for this theme park, or how about another branded-theme park – from Facebook, to Red Bull. Get involved on social media @omnicogroup #futurethemepark.

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