What do casino guests want in 2022? Here are their four top demands

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It’s unquestionable that the pandemic disrupted the casino industry like no other phenomenon before, leading to $105 billion in losses during the first two months alone.

Now, despite pent-up demand and restored foot traffic, casino operators are discovering customers are left dissatisfied with their experience. It’s clear that, while there was much anticipation for doors to reopen, casinos are falling short of customer new expectations, which could result in diminished customer loyalty. 

So, how can gaming venues fully recover from these challenging times and deliver a guest experience that meets their new expectations?

To answer this question, we surveyed 564 UK and US casino-goers on what they love, and what they don’t tolerate, post-pandemic. Here’s a recap of what we found.

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Prioritize guest safety

Since the start of the pandemic, only 17% of respondents have visited a casino. When asked why they hadn’t visited, 4 in 10 (40%)  admitted it was due to covid-safety concerns.

Worryingly, of those that did visit, only half said hand sanitizer stations were in wide use, and 65% said contactless payments were not made available. Clearly, safety is still guests’ number one priority, so casinos must enforce rigorous protocols to make sure customers feel safe enough to visit, especially with new concerns rising.

Let tech do the hard work

The pandemic accelerated the use of new technology, and 71% of casino visitors believe that technologies, such as contactless and interactive apps, need to be integrated even more into the casino  experience, while 1 in 4 prefer the casino experience post-pandemic, believing the new measures create a better and safer experience.

While many technologies were implemented as an immediate response to the pandemic, they had a much larger impact and enable smoother, more engaging interactions.

Fast-tracking activities like ordering drinks, paying for the check at the restaurant, or waiting in line means eliminating friction points and giving guests more time to do what they came to do: have fun.

Guests demand personalization

Evolving to meet new customer demands is no easy feat. But the pandemic didn’t just create challenges: casinos have a new opportunity to delight their guests.

Thanks to the rise of digital experiences enabled by new technology in response to the pandemic, venues can collect valuable information on visitors at every touchpoint. And the more they know about each guest and what they love, the more relevant, meaningful experiences they can provide.

Why does this matter? The data is clear: 1 in 3 visitors say they’re willing to spend more if offered personalized engagements.

Loyalty is key

2 in 5 casino goers think a loyalty app that allows them to collect points across all touchpoints casino is a must-have, with 77% saying this would encourage them to spend more.

The name of the game here is omnichannel: if a guest earns points at a gaming table but isn’t able to use them in a casino retail store, this could cause frustration and have an adverse effect on loyalty.

The solution is ensuring all touchpoints are interconnected and making it easy for visitors to earn and redeem loyalty points wherever.

Play your cards right with Omnico

Getting customer engagement right in 2022 isn’t luck of the draw – it’s about giving customers exactly what they want, when they want it.

By adopting the right technology, you’re not only meeting their demands but also driving spend and solidifying loyalty.

Click here to download the full report or get in touch with the team to find out how Omnico can help your casino meet customer demands.

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