What do attractions visitors want in 2022? Here are their four top demands

Give guests the magical experiences they've been waiting for.

After a year of disruption and uncertainty, attraction visitors are demanding a new type of engagement.

 They’re putting the onus on theme parks, zoos, aquariums, and destination resorts to bring them back through the gates. And considering attendance across North American attractions dropped by 72%, attractions can ill afford to ignore their new expectations.

But what exactly do those look like? 

In our latest survey, we asked 2,101 US consumers what they want and what it will take to get them back through the gates. Here are the top four consumer expectations of attractions in 2022 – and how Omnico can help you meet them.

See the full research report here.

Make safety a top priority

Only 59% of consumers have visited an attraction since the start of the pandemic, with nearly 3 in 4 admitting their hesitation is due to safety concerns. In fact, over a third say their biggest concerns are large crowds, especially when standing in line for a ride or waiting for a restaurant table.

And their concerns are well founded too – of those who did visit attractions, just half (51%) saw sanitiser stations in place and 52% report a lack of social distancing markers. Moreso, 3 in 4 claim the attractions they visited did not offer staggered time slot entry.

It’s no surprise that less than half of visitors rated their experiences as either ‘excellent’ (46%) or ‘good’ (45%).

These results might come as a surprise to attractions operators who may have been pulling out the stops in safety measures. So what else can be done?

According to experts, it might be as simple as making efforts more obvious by creating a ‘sanitation theater’, where cleaning and safety is front and center. 

Enhance the guest experience using the right technology

While many technologies were coming to market pre-pandemic, COVID-19 only added fuel to the fire, especially when it comes to attractions.

Now, 61% of visitors believe tech is a must-have in the overall attraction experience. Nearly a third say that technologies, such as contactless payments and entry, is an absolute necessity. Moreso, just over half say interactive technologies will help them feel more comfortable during their visit.

By weaving technology into the customer experience, attractions can deploy smart tech – such as digital maps, electronic tickets, and RFID wearables into low-value tasks to help visitors feel safe, and encourage higher spend per head. 

Encourage spending through personalization

In this post-COVID world, winning over your customer’s loyalty is key to recovery in 2022. Yet, the pandemic has changed the rules of engagement.

Now, attractions have access to a goldmine of information that enables you to engage guests like never before – through the power of personalization. And it’s key to revenue recovery as 1 in 4 guests say they’re willing to spend more because of it.

To enable personalization at your venue you need to capture your customer’s wants and needs by connecting all your customer facing touchpoints.

Doing so ensures your visitors get a personalized experience that increases engagement, and in turn, drives spending and loyalty.

Reward guests loyalty

Nearly a third of attraction visitors say their top must-have is a loyalty app, with 65% of theme park guests and 82% of destination resort visitors agreeing that they’re willing to spend more if they can collect and redeem points anywhere and at any time – otherwise they’ll simply go elsewhere.

Attractions looking to meet this demand need to adopt an omnichannel strategy so visitors can redeem and spend loyalty points from any device and location at your attraction.

By creating a richer and more engaging loyalty program, you’re building a whole new revenue stream that will put you well on the path to recovery.

Take home the prize with Omnico

2022 is full of promise and possibility for attractions everywhere. But to truly get back on track, operators need to listen to what their guests want.

And by tapping into the right technology, you can not only meet those expectations, but drive spending and boost loyalty too.

Download the full research in our report, or get in touch with the team.

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