Unlock the benefits of uniting your point-of-sale systems with promotions and loyalty

67% of Casino revenue comes from food and beverage, hotel, entertainment and nightlife revenue

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Want to find out how Omnico can help unite your PoS systems with guest promotion and loyalty, across your retail, hospitality, and entertainment estate? Read our eBook to find out how our Integrated Software Solutions for Casinos can help you: 

  • Unite your point of sale, guest promotion and loyalty systems to improve spend with every guest interaction
  • Harness data to offer the right incentive, to the right customer, at the right time
  • Give guests a seamless transaction and promotion journey, wherever they spend in your casino

Ditch separate systems, and offer the right incentives, in the right place, at the right time

  • Allow guests to store and redeem points at every touchpoint, whether pos, promotions, or loyalty schemes
  • Gain a wealth of data to understand spending habits and create personalized promotions
  • Offer more personalized rewards
  • Create a better guest experience

Only full integration of guest-facing systems will drive loyalty and increase visitor spend

  • Gambling revenue has halved since the 1990s
  • 67% of revenue comes from food & drink, retail, and other entertainment
  • only 33% of casino revenue is earned through gambling

Casinos need an all-encompassing system that unites PoS, guest promotion, and loyalty systems to unlock siloed data, optimize loyalty schemes, and improve revenue at PoS

How an integrated journey boosts customer spend

  • Guests accrue loyalty points when gaming at the casino, ordering food, visiting bars, or stopping at the on-site gas station
  • Information logged during these transactions is shared with the casino operator, giving them in-depth data and helping them better understand individual visitor spending habits
  • Casino operators can then use this information to create personalized incentives and loyalty schemes which are delivered directly to the customer 
  • Guests are more engaged by personalized suggestions, and can use the integrated loyalty system on their app to redeem perks wherever they choose on the casino property – be it a restaurant, bar, convenience store, or even a car-wash
  • The end result? Guests stay on site for longer, have a better experience, and spend more

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