The Touchless Ecosystem, by Omnico – Food & Beverage

Our ecosystem not only facilitates the food order, it also delivers 4 things that everyone of your customers will be looking for: safety, speed, convenience, and most importantly, piece of mind.

When business opens again, assuring that your customers feel safe and confident will be of paramount importance. 

By their very nature, visitor attractions are high touch environments, which is why Omnico has been working with our customers to make one key aspect of every guest’s as touchless as possible:  food and beverage ordering

We’ve all had this experience:  it’s midday, and everyone in your family is starving.

It’s prime lunch hour and it seems that everyone else in the park had the same idea.  In the old world, you would wait in line as long as necessary, shoulder-to-shoulder. 

Yet in the new reality, your customers have novel precautions and concerns: they don’t want to stand in a long queue, constantly worried about maintaining distance.  

And when they finally get to the counter, who wants to touch a payment terminal or handle cash? 

So what’s the solution?

In this article, we will take a look at Omnico’s technology for touchless F&B. 

Our ecosystem not only facilitates the food order, it also delivers 4 things that everyone of your customers will be looking for:  safety, speed, convenience, and most importantly, piece of mind.

Were we take you through the journey, from order to pay, to prepare and then receive.


In a recent study conducted by Omnico, 84% of the respondents stated that they would be very likely use an app to order ahead to avoid long queues. 

Keep in mind that this study was conducted before COVID-19 was in our vernacular.  Thus, it is reasonable to assume that percentage will increase dramatically when visitor attractions open their gates to the public. 

If you don’t have a solution for ordering food and beverage from a mobile device, your customers may choose a different park the next time around that offers this technology.   

From the comfort of a mobile device, your customers select the food stall and complete their order within minutes.  Food allergens and nutritional information are available with the touch of a button. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that a guest-driven order allows for up-sells and other packages in a way not possible when interacting with a cashier. 

In fact, mobile orders increase the average check size by over 20% because customers are in control of how fast (or slow) that they order. 

The key:  the entire transaction is completed with zero contact and no waiting in queues.

Watch a demo video of the Omnico Mobile Order Ahead app and understand just some of the benefits it can bring to your brand.


Mobile payment was already starting to gain significant traction in the United States and Europe before the COVID-19 lockdown.

We predict that mobile, aka cashless payment, will skyrocket once we get back to business. Certainly the demand from customers who would rather pay via their mobile phone (using NFC) will be significantly higher. 

For one, cashless also means touchless.  

Many of our customers have already adopted RFID wristbands as an available form of payment.

The visitor can use the wristband just as they would a stored value card, or the visitor can register a credit card to the wristband via an online portal before entering the attraction. 

Cashless, touchless payments are also ideal for building brand affiliation with loyalty points and rewards which can be earned and burned over the course of repeat visits.   


Once your visitor places their order (via native app, mobile web, or a 3rd-party integrator), it is instantly sent to the kitchen for preparation. 

Once it is ready, there are multiple methods to notify your customer. 

  • Kitchen Display System (KDS): Replace handwritten or printed tickets and digitally route orders to the kitchen through the KDS. Track order progress from order receipt, through preparation to delivery.
  • Order Status Boards: With new digital ordering methods and reduced employee interaction, it is always important to keep customers in the loop regarding the status of their order. Order Status Boards display the status of orders and notify customers when their order is ready. Screens can be used at any pickup location to keep customers up to date and to help avoid waiting times and overcrowding.
  • SMS Order Alerts: Keep customers up-to-date on their order status through SMS text alerts, sent automatically as their order is being prepared and when it is ready for pick up.


Our technology supports a number of ways in which your guests will receive their order. Depending on your operational needs and the type of food operation, the order can be picked up at a counter or delivered to a table, seat, room, cabana, or curb side.

Send us a quick note at if you have any questions or would like to have a more detailed chat about your own touchless ecosystem!

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