The Journey to Retail Customer Engagement 2.0

What’s important for retail brands now is understanding where they are on the journey

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It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey. That’s certainly true for retail, an industry that’s gone through a digital transformation in response to Covid over the past 18 months. Retailers needed to innovate to adapt to social distancing and lockdown, and the transformation has created a giant leap for the sector.

What’s important for retail brands now is understanding where they are on the journey. We’ve often heard the term “omnichannel” but, for most retailers today, they’re more likely to say “omni-Covid” multiple ways for customers to purchase, pick-up, collect and order, all in line with Covid guidelines.

So, which of the various technologies have we seen implemented that we believe are here to stay, which will continue to take you on a journey of digital transformation, what does the ultimate destination look like? But perhaps more importantly than all those questions, how can these technologies help meet consumers’ new and evolving expectations?

To help you on your journey we’ve created a new three step guide to provide retailers with tips on what digital technologies they need or, more importantly, on what their customers have come to demand.

We hope you enjoy reading our guide and find it useful. For more information about Omnico and our solutions speak to us today.

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