The frictionless shopping revolution is here to stay

It’s not surprising that smart retailers are taking inspiration from the likes of Amazon Go and investing in digital initiatives such as mobile scan-and-go technology to get ahead

With reduced revenues and increasing costs, bricks-and-mortar retailers are looking to optimize all opportunities to improve the customer experience, boost efficiencies, gain customer loyalty and increase average transaction value.

It’s not surprising that smart retailers are taking inspiration from the likes of Amazon Go and investing in digital initiatives such as mobile scan-and-go technology to get ahead. Retailers such as Coop Denmark have been reaping rewards from the introduction of their mobile self-scan app, which links to bonus wallets, promotions and credit/debit functionality for years but others have a long way to go to catch up.

Improving the customer experience

We live in an ‘on demand’ world, whilst a customer may enjoy browsing your store, they almost certainly won’t want to stand in a line to pay for their items. For them to enjoy the whole experience from when they walk through the doors to when they leave you must delight them at every touchpoint, which by the way should always be contactless where possible. Scan-and-go technology allows customers to scan barcodes as they collect items, pay using the card they have stored in the app, and simply leave – creating a seamless, contactless, joined up experience that will leave the customer returning again and again.

Boost average transaction value

A great way to engage with customers and encourage them to spend more is to integrate your scan-and-go app with loyalty schemes to award bonus points for purchases. You can also send customers targeted promotions such as ‘buy 1 and get a 2nd item free’ or ‘spend $50 and receive a $5 voucher to spend during your next visit’ pre visit or even whilst they are in store – remember that in our on-demand world, customers don’t want to wait, so immediate redemption rates work best for increasing spend. Loyalty schemes and rewards are integral when it comes to increasing customer lifetime value, and we all know that it’s more cost effective to keep an existing customer than it is to gain a new one.

Mobile apps also empower customers to keep track of their own transaction history, which in turn encourages more spend and repeat visits.

Boost operational efficiencies

By introducing mobile scan-and-go apps you remove the need for staff checkout lanes. This frees up valuable real estate for more stock and displays. It also allows you to allocate staff to different areas within the store where they will be more effective.

Take a look at Coop Denmark’s self-scan app in action.

With our off-the-shelf software, you can remain competitive and find new ways to engage with your customers – by giving them technology they want to use without the need to replace your legacy IT infrastructure.

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