Smart technology offers a solution to Natasha’s Law

Going far beyond the expectations of Natasha’s Law
Omnico self service kiosk

By, Paul Phillips, UK Account Manager

Almost five-years after the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, Natasha’s Law comes into force this October. She died following an allergic reaction to sesame seeds, an undeclared ingredient in a shop-bought baguette. After tirelessly campaigning, her parents have created a new law, with The Food Standards Agency ensuring stricter requirements for pre-packaged foods to carry a full ingredients list.

The Pandemic has of course created challenges for small businesses and those of pre-packaged items to deliver the necessary updates ahead of the October date.

For food operators who use technology touchpoints, such as self-service Kiosks, Omnico wants to reassure them that through this software they’re able to fully update food ingredients and allergy warnings quickly and efficiently, going far beyond the expectations of Natasha’s Law.

It’s important to offer customers the ability to view every single ingredient in their food order, calorie quantities and any potential allergy warnings.

Sodexo for example, the food services and facilities management company, installed Omnico’s self-service Kiosks at their Dough & Go pizza restaurant on-site at the University City of London. These Kiosks have not only cut down time waiting in line but have shown an increase in the average transaction value by 29%. Reassuringly the Kiosks provide the ability to view all the ingredients and allergens.

For more information on the ability to update ingredient lists via Mobile Order Ahead, Mobile POS and Self-Service Kiosks, speak to Omnico today.

See below an image taken from the Omnico self-service Kiosk.

Omnico self-service Kiosk

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