Six tips on integrating franchisees

Six tips to give supermarkets the full value of food and beverage offerings.

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Licensed or franchised coffee shops along with big name sandwich outlets and quick service restaurants are a major trend in U.S. supermarket retail. They boost footfall and dwell-time and once fully integrated, will generate substantial gains in revenue.

Efficient integration is therefore vitally important. Below are six points that supermarket retailers must consider about franchises and the integration of their POS. 

  • Don’t take your POS for granted!
  • Is your POS matching changes in consumer demand and pressures of competition?
  • What are the problems with in-store franchises and licences? Why are supermarkets losing up to 50% in revenue?
  • Can your store run the kind of advanced, tiered loyalty programs that today’s customers expect?
  • With full POS integration, what benefits will a retailer see?
  • What about self-service kiosks or cell phone apps for customer friendly order ahead capabilities that substantially boost revenues and loyalty?

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