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Why having an integrated and unified point-of-sale system for caterers is a must

As consumers become increasingly driven by speed and convenience, using new methods of contactless payment, pre-ordering apps and embracing new innovations like virtual reality (VR), they are coming to expect every walk of life to provide these same tools. The catering and food services industry is no exception.

Omnico Mobile POS brochure

Understanding how a Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution can benefit your retail and merchandise environment.

Omnico COOP Denmark Case Study

Discover how Coop denmark revolutionised the shopping experience through a self-scan and loyalty mobile app, powered by Omnico.

Omnico Theme Park ROI Barometer

This research report provides a guide to the potential uplifts in visitor spend that can be expected from the implementation of a selection of theme park technologies and innovations.

Omnico Theme Park Mobile Barometer

Discover from this research how theme park operators must maximise the potential of mobile apps to enhance visitor engagement.

Theme Park Barometer 2

The second of our research reports questioning global theme park visitors on their experiences, frustrations and what they believe will make their next visit more convenient.

Omnico Chinese Theme Park Barometer

Discussing opinions on the types of experiences and technologies Chinese visitors have encountered, and what they would like to see in the future.

Omnico Food and Beverage solutions brochure

Understand the technology solutions required to increase visit frequency, spend per head, reduce waste and improve the overall customer experience.

Upgrade your POS and optimise your Theme Park

Helping to guide theme park operators through the considerations required when upgrading POS and customer engagement solutions.

Omnico Resort Destination solutions brochure

Understand how the Omnico Platform and products can enhance your Theme Park and Resort visitor experience.

Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 4

The final research report and conclusion from a year’s analysis of consumers shopping expectations in an omni-channel world, and the reality of the experience they receive.

Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 3

Research report continuing our comparison between the three Barometers on consumers shopping expectations, and the reality of the experience they receive.