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Omnico Theme Park Trends eBook

Five leading figures from across the globe have come together to outline what they believe are the key trends and opportunities in the theme park industry today.

Omnico US Theme Park Research Report

New research highlights the latest value-add technology solutions that drive Theme Park visitor loyalty.

Omnico Kiosk Whitepaper

Providing Theme Park, Resort destination and Casino operators with insight into how Kiosks can increase revenues and visit frequency.

Five tips for retailers to better understand their customers

As our Retail Gap Barometer research has revealed, 96 per cent of UK consumers don’t believe retailers know what they want!

Omnico catering solutions brochure

Outlining the current marketing trends in the catering sector and the technology solutions on offer to embrace those trends.

Hospitality & catering 2018: throwing the till out the window

How to fully embrace technology innovation in 2018 and beyond

In the second of two articles, we explore the key POS and technology payment trends in the hospitality and catering industry for the year ahead.

Cutting the queue

Reducing queueing time is a major challenge for many retailers, with today’s time-poor consumers expecting a fast and convenient service for every type of purchase, whether it’s online shopping on Amazon or doing the weekly food shop.

Why having an integrated and unified point-of-sale system for caterers is a must

As consumers become increasingly driven by speed and convenience, using new methods of contactless payment, pre-ordering apps and embracing new innovations like virtual reality (VR), they are coming to expect every walk of life to provide these same tools. The catering and food services industry is no exception.

Omnico Mobile POS brochure

Understanding how a Mobile point-of-sale (POS) solution can benefit your retail and merchandise environment.

Omnico COOP Denmark Case Study

Discover how Coop denmark revolutionised the shopping experience through a self-scan and loyalty mobile app, powered by Omnico.

Omnico Theme Park ROI Barometer

This research report provides a guide to the potential uplifts in visitor spend that can be expected from the implementation of a selection of theme park technologies and innovations.

Omnico Theme Park Mobile Barometer

Discover from this research how theme park operators must maximise the potential of mobile apps to enhance visitor engagement.