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Sodexo ‘snack’ research highlights the need for more tech

A recent survey by Sodexo has revealed the newest snack trends coming to market in 2020 and the need for technology, including Kiosks and mobile apps, to support these trends. Read our blog to know more.

Mobile Order Ahead video

Empower customers to order and pay in advance from their mobile app. Watch our demo video to understand how it can benefit your brand.

New tastes, new technology – F&B Theme Park research

Omnico surveyed 2,000 Theme Park visitors across the US, exploring how kiosks, phone apps, meal deals and loyalty programs influence their dining
experience. Download the new research today.

Omnico Product brochure

The Omnico Platform provides brands with powerful transactional and behavioural capabilities with each product integrated seamlessly into the single Platform.

Omnico US 4690 Retail Research

Explore the views, frustrations and expectations of US shoppers and the technology solutions required for 4690 users to improve the experience.

Guests demand less hassle, making a single transaction platform essential

Today’s theme parks, casinos and leisure destinations must provide consumers with a complete experience. As well as the attractions, accommodation and shows, it is the food and beverage, the retail outlets and merchandise stores that contribute to the overall experience.

Kiosks – boosting orders and customer experience for the food service

Kiosks are reshaping workplace cafeterias and fast-food restaurants. Understand how businesses can benefit from increases in average order volume, improved customer engagement and streamlined efficiency.

Omnico Kiosk Catering Whitepaper

Discover why food service companies and quick service restaurants need kiosks.

Omnico Catering Trends eBook

Understand the latest trends and technology developments that are coming to market that can help drive footfall, increase customer spend and boost loyalty.

Omnico’s Single Transaction Platform

One engine to power them all.

Download our whitepaper to understand the benefits of a single transaction platform

Caterers, technology and the fast-changing habits of diners

Customers’ habits are changing and suddenly caterers realise the future hangs on how they use technology for interaction.

Smooth as silk – how the theme park market in china can adapt to consumer tech demand

A vast amount of land in China is about to disappear under rides and roller-coasters as the country embraces theme parks with accelerating enthusiasm.