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Efficient POS integration is vitally important. Read about six points that supermarket retailers must consider about franchises and the integration of their POS. 


In this blog we look at just some of the practical must-dos that are vital for your IT team to perform before the relaxation of lockdown and how Omnico can help.

Our aim is to limit frustration, increase efficiency and ultimately save on the costs of reopening. Our one-off comprehensive Start-up Service is simple, and provided by our expert engineers who will give you confidence in your solution before you welcome customers back.

Destinations must adapt fast to changed patterns of behaviour after lockdown

Despite all the uncertainty, we know consumers will want to bust out of coronavirus confinement to enjoy themselves again. But they will be looking for a combination of value and reassurance. Reassurance that they are getting good value, that they will have a good time and that they will be safe. It will take the right offers and discounts and the right on-site technology to give them the reassurance they seek.

Guests now demand that digital technology helps, assists and delights them

Digitalization of the guest experience is unstoppable, but operators need to think hard about how they implement it.

Omnico Commerce is a platform that gives destination managements the tools to overcome their immediate challenges and to drive up revenues as the world recovers from the pandemic.

Influencing customer behavior is more important than ever

The Omnico Commerce platform gives operators the ability to implement a behavior-based rewards program that excels at overcoming the immediate and more long-term challenges of running attractions while anxiety about coronavirus continues.

Staying close to guests and attracting new customers is vital

Until lockdown restrictions are lifted, operators must use all channels available to maintain high levels of engagement with customers.

Omnico Commerce is perfectly designed for this tough challenge. It will deliver fresh insights into customer behavior and enable a new level of personalization and responsiveness. In a difficult market, attractions will be able to optimize their own resources and maximize revenues while giving their guests the best possible experiences.

Attractions have increased their overall revenues by 10% through the creation of entitlements

Their eye-catching attractiveness has boosted average transaction values by between 30% and 40% for several major park operators.

The Omnico Commerce platform hands destinations the power to offer enticing packages and plans that guests customize to suit their own requirements.

For attraction operators, social-distancing must be addressed. Failure to do so could be extremely damaging

Digital ordering and purchasing via smartphones or swiped RFID wristbands or fobs are at hand to help. Retail has been ahead of the attractions market on this. In 2016, for example, Omnico implemented full self-scan and pay technology for Coop Denmark, which requires no cards, cash or contact with staff.

As we emerge from lockdown, attractions must act fast to regenerate revenue

Savings of 40% on previous ticketing costs, through lower licensing fees and minimal infrastructure requirements, are already realised by operators switching to Omnico’s cloud-based ticketing solution. And on the basis of current experience, upsells of between 30% and 40% are also swiftly obtainable.

Research shows you must remove the hassle from returns

Returns are a great source of frustration for everyone – the consumer and retailer alike. Research by Omnico among 2,000 U.S. consumers last year found nearly nine-in-ten customers (86 percent) get frustrated when they wait in store for a refund or exchange.

Enhance your POS system to transform customer experience

If the physical store is to flourish and evolve it’s important consumers don’t miss out on the choice, ease and simplicity of online shopping. Retailers need to stitch together the online and physical worlds so consumers always have the best experience possible.


Watch our video which outlines how Omnico Engagement works via a theme park mobile app but the engagement can be plugged into any transactional touchpoint or third-party app, from a self service kiosk to a mobile app.