Guests demand less hassle, making a single transaction platform essential

Today’s theme parks, casinos and leisure destinations must provide consumers with a complete experience. As well as the attractions, accommodation and shows, it is the food and beverage in cafes, restaurants and snack-food stalls, the retail outlets and merchandise stores that contribute to the overall experience.

Kiosks – boosting orders and customer experience for the food service

Kiosks are reshaping workplace cafeterias and fast-food restaurants. Consumers enjoy the convenience and speed of this increasingly sophisticated self-service technology. Businesses benefit from increases in average order volume, improved customer engagement, reduced staffing and streamlined efficiency.

Caterers, technology and the fast-changing habits of diners

Customers’ habits are changing and suddenly caterers realise the future hangs on how they use technology for interaction.

Smooth as silk – how the theme park market in china can adapt to consumer tech demand

A vast amount of land in China is about to disappear under rides and roller-coasters as the country embraces theme parks with accelerating enthusiasm.

Apps with family-friendly features have great revenue potential

Safety is always paramount when considering the customer journey of a child through a theme park, no matter what the venue. Operators should, however, not limit their thinking about family-friendly technology to ride safety, nor think about customer journeys purely in terms of adults. Technology that is designed with different age groups in mind can simultaneously boost engagement and security for everyone.

Caterers, technology and the fast-changing habits of diners

Customers’ habits are changing and suddenly caterers realise the future hangs on how they use technology for interaction.

Trends that are changing theme park customer experience

Theme park technology never stands still.

We’re not talking about new rides and attractions, but everything else that goes on around them. Consumers now demand a high level of convenience, ease and efficiency, making engagement a high priority. The average visitor wants a more intuitive level of interaction, along with loyalty and reward schemes that are transparent, user-friendly and fun to use across all devices. Personalisation is a necessity. All this makes the deployment of an advanced customer-engagement platforms essential.

Guests expect parks’ engagement tech to smooth their path to pleasure

When guests enter the gates of a theme park or destination, they want a thrilling experience that is friction-free, highly personalised and memorable for the right reasons.

Five tips for retailers to better understand their customers

As our Retail Gap Barometer research has revealed, 96 per cent of UK consumers don’t believe retailers know what they want!

Hospitality & catering 2018: throwing the till out the window

How to fully embrace technology innovation in 2018 and beyond

In the second of two articles, we explore the key POS and technology payment trends in the hospitality and catering industry for the year ahead.

Cutting the queue

Reducing queueing time is a major challenge for many retailers, with today’s time-poor consumers expecting a fast and convenient service for every type of purchase, whether it’s online shopping on Amazon or doing the weekly food shop.

Why having an integrated and unified point-of-sale system for caterers is a must

As consumers become increasingly driven by speed and convenience, using new methods of contactless payment, pre-ordering apps and embracing new innovations like virtual reality (VR), they are coming to expect every walk of life to provide these same tools. The catering and food services industry is no exception.

UPGRADE your pos and optimise your park

Helping to guide theme park operators through the considerations required when upgrading POS and customer engagement solutions.

Retailers to revamp payments infrastructure: how to improve legacy pos

The majority of retailers and merchants in the EMEA region are planning to increase their investment in new payment capabilities in the next 18 to 24 months, according a study by ACI Worldwide and Ovum.

RFID is opening the doors to a new concept of convenience shopping

Price and size matter when it comes to retail technology. Technologies such as Radio Frequency ID (RFID) have long been discussed but are now set to play a leading role in the transformation of retail.