Omnico technology predictions for 2020

Across the next 12 months, technology-driven innovations will make headway in theme parks, leisure destinations, hospitality and workplace food services.

Our research has enabled us to discover emerging themes such as – the anticipated convergence of 5G, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and the fast-expanding Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT will influence every aspect of management and maintenance in contemporary theme parks, leisure venues, hotels, restaurants and workplace food supply.

Meanwhile, 5G will enable the theme parks and events sector to provide visitors with a more dramatic, immersive visitor experience on a level never seen before.

Below is an overview of our key 2020 predictions:

  • Guests and diners will use smart speaker virtual assistants to order ahead, explore menu options, compare theme park and resort tickets, find hotel room prices, or even to book rides and tables without the need to log on to a computer or device.
  • Smart speakers will start to offer video display. In parks, resorts and casinos, guests will have the ability to view times, prices, and table availability. They could also examine restaurant or theatre layouts before booking, and without needing to use a keyboard or click a mouse.
  • Implementation of facial recognition technology will advance steadily. Facial recognition will enable gateless entry points, and free customers of locating vital fobs, keys, or tickets. It could even appear in workplace cafeterias, where the speed of service is especially valued.
  • Across theme parks, hospitality, and in the casino sector, data will be taken even more seriously in order to establish artificial intelligence applications and tools. Data is also crucial to the advances in customer engagement and smart-ticketing that unlock the enhanced, fast and seamless experiences that guests, diners, and casino gamers expect.
  • While efforts to develop mobile robot concierges will continue, this year we’re more likely to see smart delivery trolleys with advanced refrigeration, such as the YOTEL YO2D2, appear in the hospitality industry.
  • Despite their cost, park designers and leisure operators will continue to explore the huge potential of smart fabrics and wearables in immersive experiences. This will cross-fertilize continuing interest in mixed reality applications.
  • Investment in apps will rise even further. With smart design and a powerhouse engagement engine, apps will prolong customer engagement and shift up revenues for resorts, venues, restaurants, casinos, and especially for workplace food companies.
  • Smart ticketing solutions will increase in adoption at festivals, special events, and outdoor concerts. Guests won’t need their wallets, paper tickets, or even their phone to gain access anymore.
  • AI, with its capacity to recognize patterns and learn from anomalies, will make personalization faster and easier. Throughout 2020 we’ll see big gains in the effectiveness and personalization of prompts and triggers sent to guests or players by whatever means.
  • 5G networks and edge computing will facilitate a real-world roll-out of VR beyond the confines of home gaming, making in-roads at family entertainment centers (FECs) and shopping malls. Casinos will adopt VR innovations to provide hyper-real, weird, and exciting virtual gaming realms. This will ultimately entice new customers, whose loyalty will be highly prized.

Find out more of the detail behind our predictions by downloading the e-book here.

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