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What do visitors expect from theme park POS?

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By Steve Thomas, CTO, Omnico Group

The future promises big rises in visitor spending with future-proofed POS and smart customer engagement. Visitors will spend much more with self-scan apps, kiosks, order ahead and other technologies, but you must have the platform that can adapt and unify all visitor experiences.

One thing is certain – theme park and destination operators need to make the right investment in POS and engagement solutions to harness the growing worldwide appetite for technology. Then they can reap the powerful returns on investment and exploit the potential for revenue growth and efficiency gains. That means thinking about the visitor experience as a whole and ensuring that every interaction – whether a purchase, a booking, an order, or a personalised message or reward – is seamlessly linked and consistently presented.

At Omnico, we have conducted extensive research over the last 2 years which shows that visitors want technology to bring them choice and convenience when they are in a park. They want to pay by any method they like and, of course, they want to avoid queues. Yet for operators, the most startling findings are about the potential for revenue growth from implementing technologies that enable this enhanced experience.

Take the technologies that can eliminate queues, for example. We found that there are huge gains to be made just by reducing queues and preventing ‘walk aways’, and technology will also increase spend per head:

78% of visitors will simply walk away from an outlet if there is a queue

• Implementing mobile self-scan apps or self-service kiosks can increase the average spend-per-person by 166%

• If guests can order food in advance with a mobile app, they will spend 160% more.

Visitors are increasingly in love with tech and expect to be able to do everything they need from their mobile device. In our Omnico Theme Park Barometer we found that 88 per cent of respondents want to order their entire trip (hotel, meals, merchandise, tickets, fast-track pass, ride-times, cashless wristband, reserved seating at shows, photos) in a single process using the resort website, or a mobile app. Convenience and ease-of-use are what this is about, and that means that the systems that deliver these elements must be joined up seamlessly to ensure a consistent visitor experience from the very start.

It is why operators need Omnico’s POS and smart engagement solutions. Our offer of a unified digital platform enables you to deliver innovative, joined-up visitor experiences across all channels and touch-points. We are the only vendor that provides a single, seamless platform for retail, F&B, loyalty, promotions, entitlements and stock. Our solutions are proven to increase spend per head, visit frequency and operational efficiency. And with 7 of the top 11 theme parks using our solutions, why wouldn’t you want to join the best!

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