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How do theme parks become paperless and cashless?

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Omnico is making it easy for theme parks to capitalise on the advance of mobile payments and paperless ticketing systems around the world

Abolishing cash and paper inside a theme park is much more than a gimmick – it is a move necessary to meet visitor expectations.

In everyday life, consumers now organise their lives through their digital devices and smartphones. When they enter a park, they expect to do the same, which includes organising their agenda, ordering food and making payments.

Omnico’s own Theme Park Barometer research among thousands of theme park visitors provides plenty of evidence. We found that:
• 69% of respondents felt the ability to pay without cash would most enhance their convenience
• 63% want to use a theme park app on their phones or tablets to make bookings for rides and restaurant tables
• 41% want to use touch-screen, self-service kiosks that don’t require paper

When asked what their main use for a theme park mobile app would be, the most popular answer was for making payments (46 per cent). This was followed by a host of other uses that eliminate the need for printed paper, such as collecting and storing loyalty rewards or advance-ordering of food and drink. The interactive map is also replacing its paper equivalent.

Omnico is leading these developments right across the theme park industry.

Our solutions allow visitors to co-ordinate their entire visits without paper, either from their smartphones, self-service kiosks or wearable devices. This covers everything from ordering meals, drinks, snacks and merchandise, to in-app payment, e-vouchers for promotions, location-based offers and alerts, and loyalty programmes.

Wearable and waterproof

With IoT or RFID based wearable devices this is taken a step further, and guests can do everything from accessing lockers, hotel rooms or VIP areas, to paying for items using pre-loaded credit or spending pre-paid “entitlements” such as meal plans, or activating ‘fast pass’ tickets to jump the queue. They can even set spend limits for children and prevent them from purchasing certain foods or drinks. They don’t need to carry cash, cards, locker or hotel keys, or a device – making this technology especially useful for waterparks.

A unified solution

By offering a single, seamless digital platform that powers point-of-sale and customer engagement across all channels and touch-points, and across food & beverage, entertainment and retail, Omnico deliver the paperless park in a unified and seamless manner, optimising the customer experience.

In the era of the smart park, clever solutions are required and only Omnico has the expertise and innovation to deliver your entire digital strategy across every channel and touch-point.

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