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Smart retail is here and Omnico has the solutions

Smart retail
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Mobile devices have transformed retail. Consumers now expect to use these powerful handhelds for everything from interacting with a brand on the go, to scanning and paying in-store so they don’t have to queue.

This is the world of smart retail, where Omnico’s proprietary technology is giving store operators and owners the edge in what is a rapidly-developing battle for customer spending. From kiosks and self-scan, to smart engagement and loyalty, our intelligent digital platform delivers it all seamlessly.


Omnico enables retailers to deliver Smart Engagement, which delivers messaging to customers using templated and machine learned algorithms and AI to call on the customer’s profile and behaviours, along with external factors such as weather or location. This information is combined to provide information that is truly relevant to the individual – whether that’s offering a promotion in the format they redeem the most often, putting an offer on sun hats on a hot day, or pushing overstocked items to users who have viewed them online.


Today’s smartphone users are selective about the apps that they use, only being willing to download and keep a retailer’s offering if it offers them real and continuing benefits. That means convenience in the form of easy online purchasing and self-scan options, as well as value, whether in terms of exclusive and personalised promotions, loyalty schemes or valuable information. Providing this means the retailer gets a wealth of information in return, from how the user interacts with the brand, to which stores they visit and even where they are in the store.


Self-scan, self-checkout technology, such as Omnico’s award winning solution for Coop Denmark, now makes it possible for shoppers to complete their transactions without ever having to wait at the till or visit a point-of-sale terminal. And after they have made their purchase, they receive a paperless receipt, along with some highly personalised (and relevant) offers, product updates and loyalty rewards.

Meanwhile our Kiosk solution for retail is an alternative purchase point and virtual catalogue in one. By exposing the entire inventory online, range of stock is no longer an obstacle, especially in space constrained environments. Customers can easily find and order out of stock items, upsell or complimentary items can be suggested to boost revenues, wait times are reduced, and the customer experience is improved.

As 68% of consumers admit to walking away if there is a long queue, empowering individuals to self-serve also removes a cause of frustration and lost sales, a vital step forwards. And reducing the amount of transactions through traditional tills, retailers can also reduce staffing costs and increase their efficiency by using them to provide assisted sales using our mobile POS.


Consumers now expect every channel they use to give them the same, high-quality set of capabilities, and want to be able to move between them seamlessly. If they start browsing on their smartphone, then edit their online wish-list, and purchase something at a kiosk, their shopping cart, loyalty points and history must follow them and be up to date and accurate. While mobile devices are ever present in consumers hands, there is still a demand for fixed tills, an interest in kiosks, and a benefit to assisted sales with mobile POS.

Above all, it means allowing customers to choose how, where and when they want to engage, and delivering the right information to the right individual at the right time. If a retailer neglects the huge impact of these evolving channels and customer journeys, it stands little chance of thriving like more forward-thinking rivals.

Omnico’s digital platform powers transactions and engagement across all of these channels, solutions and touch-points. We make it simple to design and deploy the new customer journeys and integrate new technologies by unifying business logic and workflows across your business systems. This is where technological innovation and experience really count, which is why Omnico will power any retailer into the new era of smart retail.

Talk to one of our industry experts today, or visit our virtual map to see how you can realise a store of the future.

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