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How to double food and beverage revenue at theme parks

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Putting guests in the right frame of mind to spend more on meals and drinks in theme parks and resorts is made simple with the latest digital solutions.

One thing is certain – theme park guests are now embracing technology that helps them organise and enjoy their theme park visit. Omnico have conducted a number of Theme Park Barometers, talking to thousands of theme park visitors across the world to understand their experiences and attitudes towards the latest technologies. Among our findings, we saw that:

• Order Ahead boosts average order value by 160%
• 62% want to pre-pay for meal packages
• 46% want to pay without cash using a mobile app
• 4 of the top 5 frustrations were related to queueing
• 78% of visitors will walk away from a food and drink purchase due to queues.

At Omnico, we help theme parks use these changes in consumer behaviour to increase spend per head, while also solving queueing problems, cutting staff costs and increasing operational efficiency.

Entitlements packages

62% of visitors want pre-paid food and drinks packages – our Entitlements solution allows operators to offer these packages and manages all of the rules and workflows around what the guest can have or do, and when and how. We also make it easy for the guest to track their usage via any channel. Meanwhile, operators benefit from payment upfront, improved capacity and ingredient planning, greater total spend per head while onsite, and reduced waste.


Our research shows that if operators implement self-service kiosks, they can trigger spending increases of 166% on average. We found the average spend-per-person on F&B to be $20, so this is an additional $33.25 per person from this innovation alone. In addition, queues move 3 to 4 times faster at kiosks, meaning more throughput and less visitor frustration. And as visitors embrace self-service, staff costs are reduced as less people are required to take orders and payments.

Order Ahead

Providing convenience is key for visitors, and queueing to order and pay for their meals is cited as a major frustration. Enabling guests to place their order and make payment while out and about in the park, (whether via an app, online, or on a kiosk), and simply collect their order at the required time, also has many benefits for operators. Omnico’s Order Ahead solution seamlessly integrates into existing park apps and kiosks, and drives average order values over a third higher than cash equivalents. Valuable data on guest preferences and behaviours can then be used to personalise future offers and messaging.

Nearly half (49 per cent) of respondents in our research said they would spend up to four times the average amount if they could use technologies such as Order Ahead, Kiosks and mobile apps. Omnico make it easy to implement these technologies within your existing infrastructure and reap the benefits.

Convenience is king

For the guest it is all about convenience, predictability and being in control. Guests who order in advance, don’t have to queue up to order or pay, they spend more and can be prompted with upsell and cross-sell promotions while ordering, and they have a better experience which improves loyalty.

With the right technology in place it really is possible to double spending.

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