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Embracing apps to deliver the experience guests expect

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Making apps deliver substantial value to visitors and operators alike is simple with advanced digital platforms that unify all customer touch-points, transactions and engagements.

By Steve Thomas, CTO, Omnico

Apps are now built in to the way so many of us live.,/strong> We depend on them to make everything easier from shopping, to seeing what friends are up to or finding out when the next train is due.

Of course, with almost all adult consumers now smartphone-users, theme park and resort operators need to ensure they offer apps and digital solutions that will please their visitors.

What visitors expect

It is not enough just to have an app designed and expect it to deliver. When visitors come through the gates of a theme park, they expect the app to be a key element in a range of methods by which they can engage, and all too often it is far from simple and seamless when try to move between different channels and touch-points.

How do operators deliver apps that provide real value?

Apps must deliver perceivable value to gain space on consumers devices, so how should operators address this?

Any app for a theme park or resort must offer a multiplicity of options which are seamlessly integrated into their experience. An app that is ‘clunky’, doesn’t offer the same experience brand experience across all interactions, and makes it difficult for the visitor to coordinate their entire trip, will result in poor uptake and the app being deleted after the visit. Ensuring that guests keep the app once they have it on their device is also key for ongoing marketing and engagement to boost visit frequency and spend.

Allowing visitors to order food and drink in advance and avoid queues, enabling them to track and redeem entitlements packages such as ‘Meal Deals’, delivering reliable information on the shortest wait times for rides and restaurants, and providing interactive maps, all enhance the visitor experience. Add on benefits such self-scan and in-app payment, as well as smart, personalised promotions and messaging, location-based offers and information, tailored loyalty programs and virtual catalogues for retail, and your app will deliver real value, and will remain on the customers device for future visits.

The importance of a unified POS and engagement system

Problems rear their heads when parks have separate systems for retail, F&B, ticketing, loyalty, kiosks, etc. This makes it complex and time consuming to add new guest journey options that encompass multiple channels and touch-points. It also makes it challenging to present a consistent and familiar interface and experience to the customer.

It is therefore crucial to have a platform that can harness all of the transactions and engagement between guest touch-points and business systems across every channel. It requires the seamless linking of point-of-sale (POS) technology, customer engagement from marketing to loyalty programs, promotions and location-based offers and messaging, order management for F&B outlets, restaurant bookings and orders, ticketing, retail outlets, events and parking. In fact, your platform should enable all aspects of POS and customer engagement, making it simple to expose the information to your app for a seamless guest experience.

The Omnico solution

Omnico provides an intelligent digital platform that manages POS, smart and personalised customer engagement, promotions and loyalty, F&B and restaurant order management, and the full retail experience, across all channels and touch-points. We make it simple to bring all the different elements together smoothly in one platform, thanks to unified logic, data and workflows.

Our software also has open APIs, which enable parks to expose information to apps and new technologies without restrictions. This is an important checkpoint as many vendors have locked systems, making this impossible. With this in place, your destination is future-proofed and ready to profit from the latest solutions.

We also provide a single, real-time view of your data across the business – the customer, transactions, interactions, loyalty, promotions, engagements and stock. This data can be combined with external information such as the weather, wait times and location, to deliver smart, personalised promotions and messaging. We deliver efficiency and optimisation right across your entire destination, meeting the rapidly escalating expectations of today’s technologically sophisticated visitors.

With 7 of the top 11 global theme parks choosing Omnico for their POS and engagement solutions, why not follow the best and see how we can help you to deliver the very best in apps, POS solutions and smart customer engagement, right across your destination!

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