How to boost operational efficiency and cut queues with kiosks

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For increasing numbers of consumers, convenience is essential when it comes to food and drink. Whether in a staff canteen, a quick-service restaurant or theme park, they expect the experience to be fast, easy and digital.

The super-savvy big chains and franchise operators recognise this and are installing kiosks and mobile ordering and payment capabilities to reduce friction for customers who want to save time wherever they can.


Instead of making customers queue for an unsatisfactory amount of time, advanced kiosk solutions put power in the hands of consumers and cut queue times significantly. With interactive an intuitive user interfaces, which also deliver personalised offers and upsell prompts, the process is quick and easy, and boosts throughput by moving queues up to 3 times faster than traditional tills.

Customers put together their order at the kiosk, pay and decide whether to pick it up at the collection point or have it brought to their table. An e-receipt is then sent to their phone, along with personalised offers or marketing information, the customer having been recognised by their card details, log-in, synchronised app or biometrics.


Kiosks are already proving to be potent revenue-boosters, delivering more than 160 per cent increases in spending and generating major improvements in loyalty. Customers take advantage of a more immersive experience that opens up opportunities for personalised, and therefore more successful, offers and upselling.

Deployment of the technology also releases staff for more valuable interactions, while the digitisation of orders improves overall operational efficiency all the way into the kitchen.

When kiosks are blended with order-ahead capabilities through seamless integration with apps order values by an average 40 per cent. The advantage for everyone is that advance-order queues move between three and four times faster than their traditional equivalents.


The Omnico kiosk solution makes achieving this straightforward through plug-in integration with apps and platforms, and total compatibility with an operator’s existing systems. It is completely customisable, gives total branding control and provides a wealth of customer insights through automatic data capture.

The customer journeys it provides are intuitive and generate natural opportunities for upsell. This ease of integration also enables automatic compliance with the PCI payment security regulations.

Kiosks are a technology that any food and drink retailer must take seriously because they are proving to be major revenue-drivers in a wide variety of locations.

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