Kiosk theme park and casino whitepaper

Providing Theme Park, Resort destination and Casino operators with insight into how Kiosks can increase revenues and visit frequency.

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Why are Kiosks becoming so popular? Because consumers continue to embrace self-service technology and businesses integrating kiosks are already reaping the benefits of improved customer engagement, increases in average order volume, reduced staffing, streamlined efficiency and faster, more direct service. 

This whitepaper covers the following key points:

  • The growth of kiosk deployment is driven by changing consumer habits
  • Kiosks maximise customer journeys producing better outcomes and greater efficiency
  • Cloud-based applications transform kiosks into supercharged engagement channels
  • Advanced functionality is available such as order ahead and highly personalised loyalty programmes
  • Optimisation of kiosk deployment through integration with smartphones and other consumer devices
  • The future of kiosks, including integration of AR (augmented reality) and biometric ID

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