Join Omnico and BackLooper for a debate on evolving profitably post-Covid

Omnico to host discussion with industry expert Josh Liebman, founder of BackLooper, on tackling the friction points of today’s visitor experiences post-Covid

During next week’s first-ever Blooloop V-Expo, from 13 – 15 October 2020, Omnico, the global technology innovator of transaction and engagement software, will be joined on their booth by Josh Liebman, founder of BackLooper, enabling businesses to collect guest feedback to deliver higher engagement and ultimately increase revenue.

“For visitors returning to theme parks and destinations post-Covid, they want reassurance of their health and safety, but they also still want to have an enjoyable, memorable and unique experience,” says Josh Liebman.

“Using analytics and intelligence on visitor’s behaviour, comparing it today to before the pandemic, as well as taking inspiration from other sectors making necessary changes, theme parks can make improvements to the overall guest experience and see an increase in their ROI,” commented Josh.

Josh Liebman and Tom Dunigan from Omnico, will discuss the following key points – join them on Wednesday 14 October at 2:00pm BST to discuss and debate.

What are the current friction points in the visitor journey post-Covid?

  • Reducing physical contact at the point of ordering and paying
  • Reducing the need to wait-in-line
  • Cutting down on crowding in certain areas

How can technology remove this friction?

  • Contactless payment and ordering
  • Smart digital ticketing
  • Capacity management
  • Analytics and intelligence on visitor behaviour around the park

What can theme parks do differently?

  • VIP rest areas that encourage visitors away from the crowds
  • Passive capacity rides and restaurants

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