The Omnico Theme Park Barometer 2

Following the first Omnico Theme Park Barometer launched in November 2016, Omnico has undertaken further research, questioning theme park visitors in the UK, US, China, Japan and Malaysia.

The following percentages reveal the top frustrations faced by global visitors today:

  • 57%Queuing for rides / attractions

  • 32%Finding seating in busy food courts / on-site restaurants

  • 30%Lack of information on queue lengths / wait times

  • 27%Being unable to identify which rides have the shortest queue times

The second Omnico Theme Park Barometer, launched in June 2017, questioned visitors on their expectations for future theme park experiences, based on what they enjoyed, or didn’t, from previous visits in the past two years.

The results of this report highlight the biggest frustrations visitors have faced from previous trips or stays, rating what they believe will make their next visit more convenient and how the retail experience could be improved. This gives a critical insight into the future technology solutions operators should invest in to enhance the overall guest experience. In addition, the report looks at other future innovations, including Artificial Intelligence and the on-going use of Virtual Reality.

For further information and statistics, please download the full report here

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