The Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 4

The Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 4 was created to chart the gap between consumers shopping expectations in an omni-channel world, and the reality of the experience they receive.

  • 72%of UK consumers are frustrated some way about the shopping experience

  • 72%of UK consumers want a quick a convenient shopping experience

  • 71.9%of UK consumers believe improvements can be made to the shopping experience

  • 97.9%of UK consumers don't think the retailer knows what they like

We questioned 1,215 consumers in the UK on their shopping experiences and produced a fourth report in August 2017 detailing these results.


This research, for the fourth Omnico Retail Gap Barometer, has used the exact same set of questions and methodology as last year’s inaugural survey in order to gauge what, if anything, has changed in the attitudes and experiences of UK shoppers in the intervening 12 months.

The responses help to understand whether the year’s political upheaval affected how consumers shop, or if omni-channel retailers changed their operations in ways that shoppers have noticed or benefited from.

For brands who are serious about omni-channel retail, the results offer critical insights.

For further information and statistics, please download the full report here

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