The Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 3

The Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 3 was created to chart the gap between consumers shopping expectations in an omni-channel world, and the reality of the experience they receive.

  • 70%of under 35's say it is important, or very important, to have later opening hours

  • 61%of UK consumers expect some kind of new technology in retail locations in the next three years

  • 55%of UK consumers want to have more activities and facilities available to them in a retail complex

  • 51%of under 35's want a single loyalty programme for retail, food & beverage and leisure activities

We questioned 1,000 consumers in the UK on their shopping experiences and produced a third report in May 2017 detailing these results.

The third Omnico Retail Gap Barometer continued to chart the ‘gaps’ between consumer expectations of their retail experience, but this report also focused on the impact of The Experience Economy and questioning consumer demands for future technology.

As the worlds of retail, entertainment and leisure continue to collide, it is creating what is now known as ‘The Experience Economy’. Brands today need to understand the impact of this conversion, meeting consumer expectations that no longer focus solely on the shopping experience, but also on the dining and leisure opportunities.

For further information and statistics, please download the full report here

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