The Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 2

The Omnico Retail Gap Barometer 2 was created to chart the gap between consumers shopping expectations in an omni-channel world, and the reality of the experience they receive.

  • 62%of UK consumers said they would shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

  • 46%said they would "buy online, deliver to home address" during this seasonal time

  • 19%said they would "buy online, collect in-store" during this seasonal time

  • 17%said they would "buy in-store" during this seasonal time

We questioned 1,200 consumers in the UK on their shopping experiences and produced a second report in November 2016 detailing these results.

The second report allowed us to compare the results with the previous Barometer and reveal the ‘gaps’ that appeared in consumers shopping experiences.

Interestingly there was a shift from bricks-and-mortar to online, with shoppers ordering online and wanting to receive their purchases via home delivery, rather than collect themselves or browse and purchase in-store. In fact, the number of people wanting to use click-and-collect dropped.

For further information and statistics, please download the full report here

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