Kiosk food service, catering and QSR whitepaper

This whitepaper provides food service companies and quick service restaurant (QSR) operators, with critical insights into how strategically positioned kiosks can increase revenues and visit frequency.

Kiosks are reshaping the future of cafeterias, canteens and fast-food restaurants. Some of the most sophisticated, customer-focused businesses in the world are already well-advanced in their adoption and the trend is unstoppable.

To understand this key technology in more detail, Omnico has created a specific whitepaper for this sector.

The main points of the whitepaper are:

  • The growth of kiosk deployment is driven by changing consumer habits
  • Kiosks remove hassle for customers, increase order sizes and introduce new efficiencies
  • Cloud-based applications transform kiosks into supercharged, highly responsive engagement channels
  • Advanced functionality is available such as order ahead and highly personalised loyalty programmes
  • Integration with smartphones and other consumer devices optimises kiosk implementation
  • The future of kiosks, including integration biometric ID

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