The Japanese Theme Park Barometer

Omnico commissioned The Japanese Theme Park Barometer to question visitors’ experiences of attending Japanese resorts in the previous two years, asking their opinions on the types of experiences and technologies they would like to have and use in the future.

The below percentages show the activities visitors are very likely, or likely, to use technology to pre-book in the future:

  • 86%Fast-track ride passes and timeslots

  • 83%Hotel stay

  • 75%Tickets to shows / VIP experiences

  • 73%Dining packages for meals and drinks

The research, launched in March 2017, revealed that visitors to parks in Japan understand the particular technologies that will truly benefit their overall experience, providing them greater convenience and speed.

53% of respondents in The Japanese Theme Park Barometer said they would like to see virtual reality experiences and guides in theme parks in the next three years. Interestingly, men would like to have robots as personal assistants (29%), compared to women (19%), whereas more women would prefer to have temporary tattoo tickets to replace electronic wristbands (31%), compared with men (26%).

For further information and statistics, please download the full report here

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