Coop Denmark case study

In order to better understand their customers, Coop Denmark staff spent time living with 28 different families in the suburbs of Denmark. A key outcome of the research was the retailer’s belief that they needed to become simpler, more local and digital for their customers.

Download the full Coop Denmark case study below and view the step-by-step journey for Mobile self-scan:

  • A customer is shopping in-store and scans items from the shelf via their mobile device

  • The customer goes to the cashier-free till and scans their device

  • Loyalty and bonus points are calculated in real-time and added to the customers app

  • Once home the customer can check their digital receipt and create a new shopping list

In October 2016, Coop Denmark launched a mobile loyalty app across the entire chain of 1,200 stores. Omnico’s software solution, omniEngage enables real-time customer bonus point calculations and personalised promotional activity.

In addition, the retailer is trialling a mobile self-scan app in seven stores, linking to bonus wallets, promotions and credit / debit functionality. The self-scan app allows payment via an e-wallet and utilises Omnico’s omniBasket software to enable payment at the till via the customer’s device, which is linked directly to the customer’s dividend, bonus wallet, or credit / debit card.

Please download the full case study here

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