The Chinese Theme Park Barometer

Omnico commissioned The Chinese Theme Park Barometer to question visitors’ experiences of attending Chinese resorts in the previous two years, asking their opinions on the types of experiences and technologies they have encountered, and what they would like to see in the future.

The below shows the percentage of respondents who rated a particular experience important or very important to their next theme park visit:

  • 91%Pre-book entire trip

  • 91%Ability to buy anything in the resort using a cashless device

  • 87%Book a table in a restaurant ahead of when required

  • 86%Purchase gifts for friends / family for the next visit

Launched in January 2017, the Barometer revealed that across China, there are particular guest journeys, or experiences, that truly matter to them.

The following outlines the guest experiences that operators in China should be investing in to create the integrated resort of the future, as uncovered by our research. It is clear from these results that visitors today want to receive a single, integrated and digital resort experience, particularly with the ability to pre-book their trip, and during their visit be able to purchase and order anything using cashless devices.

For further information and statistics, please download the full report here

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