Catering Solutions brochure

For contract caterers and those in the food services and hospitality industries, the technological landscape looks chaotic, and understanding the most valuable customer journeys and technologies to invest in, is a challenge.

Omnico has created a dedicated brochure outlining the current market trends in the catering sector and the technology solutions on offer to embrace.

  • 53%of caterers say reducing food waste is the number one challenge

  • 48%of caterers want to offer payment via app, kiosk or iPad

  • 58%of caterers believe that reducing queue times will improve footfall

  • 33%of caterers want to offer pre-booking functionality

We questioned 1,200 consumers in the UK on their shopping experiences and produced a report in September 2016 detailing these results.

This report reveals that shoppers now expect to be able to channel hop between online and physical stores whilst enjoying the same retail experience. Shoppers are demanding more ways to purchase and interact with a retailer, expecting greater product availability than ever before, more relevant information about products that may interest them, and quick and convenient ways of shopping, collecting and returning.

Please download the full brochure here

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