Corporate Catering Barometer

Technology is now the key driver boosting revenues and customer experiences in contract catering, largely because today’s tech-savvy consumers’ demand it.

Omnico and The Caterer have launched new research questioning the consumer’s point of view, particularly users of on-site catering services in the workplace.
  • 82%will buy more often from their workplace canteen with order ahead technology

  • 70%will visit more frequently if the staff cafeteria operated a personalised loyalty program

  • 61%don't visit more often because of queues to pay or be served

  • 48%said they want to place an order using a phone app

Omnico and The Caterer questioned 1,500 employees who use on-site catering facilities such as restaurants and cafeterias, split evenly between the US and UK.


This report explores employees’ attitudes to workplace cafeterias or restaurants, the problems they face, and how technology can enhance their experiences. It considers whether solutions such as cashless payment, order ahead, kiosks, self-scan / self-checkout and meal plans would encourage them to visit more often or change their spending habits and looks at the potential returns available.

What is clear from our research and our experience with leading contact caterers is that the industry must adapt and embrace new technologies available in order to thrive.

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