Omnico Commerce: How attractions can meet guest expectations post covid

It will take a lot more than hand gel and social distancing to get visitors back in through gates.

Omnico Commerce: helping attractions optimize guest experience

With a massive 72% drop in attendance, theme parks and attractions are hard-pressed to recoup revenue and drum up foot traffic. But with changing customer expectations and increasing demand for tech, what steps do operators need to take to get on the path to success?

To answer this question, we asked 4,106 UK and US consumers to share what they’re looking for and what will turn them away.

We found that:

  • Only 37% of consumers visited attractions this summer, with less than half rating their experience as excellent. 
  • 4 in 5 of visitors agree that attractions can do more to get them back through gates.
  • 30% would not return after an experience that falls short of expectations.

Getting on track for 2022 is critical. So, we partnered with top industry experts, including Dr, Carissa Baker, Theme Parks and Storytelling researcher at the University of Central Florida and Brian Seays, Director of IT at Loews Hotels in Universal Orlando, to pinpoint the top 4 post-Covid visitor demands and how you can meet them.

  • Read chapter 1 to discover how adopting the right technology is key to meeting safety concerns and improving guest satisfaction.
  • Find out the technologies customers expect to see and the secret ingredient that leads to happier visitors in chapter 2.
  • Learn to leverage data to build the personalized experience guests crave in chapter 3
  • Read chapter 4 to discover how rewarding guests will boost your revenue stream.

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