Hit the jackpot with these 2022 casino trends

by Shawn Harris

Since the beginning of the pandemic, online gambling surged by 255% in the US alone, and a report from the Gambling Commission reports a year-on-year increase in online gambling, suggesting an upward trend towards more virtual gambling environments. 

This means that even with casino doors opening again for in-person gaming, experts are predicting guests won’t be clamoring to return – unless casinos offer an experience that bridges the best of both virtual and in-person gambling worlds.

In this blog, our casino expert, Shawn Harris, takes a look at the top three casino trends of 2022, that will help you drive footfall, increase spending, and retain loyalty.

Trend 1: Think about the experience beyond the casino walls

Omnichannel is the name of the game in 2022, and casino guests will want an experience that effortlessly follows them from online gambling to in-person gambling. Implementing an omnichannel strategy means allowing guests to engage with your casinos across multiple platforms, whether it’s browsing your website, downloading a branded app, or putting down a bet in-person or online. You need to think about the experience beyond the casino walls.

Engaging with a casino is no longer a one-off in-person experience. The pandemic has turned the guest experience on its head, creating a longer customer journey that engages customers before they even set foot in the casino and long after they leave., It’s one where a guest plays Blackjack on their mobile phone at home, picks up where they left off on the gaming floor, and continues to play in their hotel room, all while retaining the same wins, without interruption or needing to cash in. 

It’s not only guests seeing a benefit from this new approach: operators gain a holistic overview of each guest’s spending behavior and preferences, enabling more personalized, customer-centric experiences. Afterall, businesses that think customer-first are 60% more profitable. So what are you waiting for?

Trend 2: Unlock revenue by putting non-gamers in the spotlight

Although casinos are best known for the gambling tables and slot machines, today they offer so much more than that; everything from luxury rooms, high-end restaurants, bars, and entertainment centers. But, what might surprise you is that 70% of casino revenue now comes from food and beverage, retail and entertaiment.

What this means, particularly following  billions of dollars of lost revenue during the pandemic, is that there’s a huge opportunity for casinos to gain revenue from non-gamers. 

If you think about the stereotypical casino model, emphasis has always been placed on creating the perfect experience for the high rollers. However, given the amount they likely spend in your casino, the reality is they make up less than 10% of footfall. So, why not focus on the other 90%?

Whether it’s gamers’ friends, family and partners, or casual gamblers,they have spending power. Delight them with all the entertainment casinos have to offer, and provide them with wonderful experiences that maximize revenue.

It’s a concept that Las Vegas came to realize during the pandemic and are now leading the charge –  from a newly built convention hall with an underground tunnel system designed by Boring Co., a new “experiential entertainment district” called AREA15, to novel eateries and shopping experiences, non-gamers in Las Vegas can look forward to a full itinerary without ever placing a bet. 

To tap into this opportunity, if you know a gambler is traveling with friends or family, offer discounts for a stage show, retail brands, and restaurant. This way, not only you give them a great time at your casino, but you also drive spend and encourage them to visit again.

Trend 3: Drive footfall with augmented reality

The increased demand for digital experiences, most notably augment reality (AR), is expected to exceed $125 billion per year by the end of 2026, meaning AR could be the next big thing in the gambling industry.

 While we don’t envisage a future where gamers sit in casinos with headsets and goggles,  Live Dealer games   have become one of the fastest growing aspects of online gambling in the last 18 months. And AR will change this experience even more where guests play through a transparent screen with digital information superimposed onto a real table, offering tips, game-play rules, and their winnings.

AR will also allow you to send guests personalized promotion, bonus offers, or even free spins that they wouldn’t see without an AR-enabled device. It’s an exciting opportunity for land-based casinos, as the appetite for AR in gambling will differentiate you from competitors and draw in the crowds.

While AR technology games are slated to come to market in the near future, it’s an exciting opportunity for casinos to start thinking about how AR will play in their business strategy and open new revenue streams.

Get your ace in the hole this year

While the coming year won’t be easy for casinos, it does promise revenue opportunities for casinos that adapt their customer experience for the post pandemic guest.

From a frictionless customer journey, to creating new experiences for non-gamers, and  deploying AR technology for gaming fanatics, you need to focus on the guest experience to increase revenue opportunities in 2022.

To find out how Omnico can help your casino realize its fullest potential, get in touch.

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