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Guests demand less hassle, making a single transaction platform essential

Today’s theme parks, casinos and leisure destinations must provide consumers with a complete experience.

As well as the attractions, accommodation and shows, it is the food and beverage in cafes, restaurants and snack-food stalls, the retail outlets and merchandise stores that contribute to the overall experience. 

For instance, you know theme park food has become more than fuel when a woman makes a living by blogging about it. AJ Wolfe’s blog about Disney foodhas so many followers it is self-sustaining and runs across social media platforms.

Brands, parks and casino operators all know they must provide a friction-free experience whether guests are on rides or seeking liquid refreshment and a new sweat shirt. Until now the problem has always been that each of these elements has its own software behind the transaction. And they are not joined up. It has made for an irritating, disjointed guest experience. Loyalty points acquired from buying sweat-shirts may not be redeemable in the restaurant, for example. 

The key to removing this friction and frustration is to unite all the different systems on to a single transaction platform. It’s what guests want. When we asked 3,362 visitors what they required from a theme park mobile app, it was clear they wanted it to remove hassle by doing pretty much everything. That includes not having to supply personal details more than once, receiving offers and discounts based on personal data and having a “plan-my-day” interactive schedule function. Others want the app to help them pass time in line by offering them games. 

That’s just the cell phone app. A plethora of other mobile and digital technologies, such as self-service kiosks and mobile point-of-sale tills remove common annoyances such as queuing and provide access to a variety of other on-site experiences.

One engine to power them all

The transaction platform from Omnico gives operators the power to unify all these experiences and remove the annoyances for consumers.

It provides a 360-degree view of customers before they arrive and after they have gone home, merging data from each customer interaction or transaction across an entire site, including restaurants, hotels and attractions. It uses data from ticketing, theme park or event RFID wristbands, phone and tablet apps, POS, loyalty programmes and pre-ordered meal deals.

Ingesting this data, the single transaction platform takes care of online bookings, payment, real-time collation of loyalty points, and access control. Substantial increases in efficiency are delivered by managing capacity and updating stock levels across all stores and warehouses. 

The platform’s analysis of each purchase or booking unlocks new revenues through the ability to send real-time, personally-relevant offers, discounts and prompts to visitors, switching demand to where it’s best met. In return, guests get to eat and drink more quickly and are not put off by waiting in line, while the operator reduces waste. Loyalty points are collated across every transaction, remain constantly visible to each visitor and redeemable whenever is convenient.

We know visitors and guests have increasing expectations and demand the very best experience. Of course, they expect a thrill-seeking experience from the rides, gaming and activities. But the difference today is that they expect operators to use technology to remove all the irritations that can drag a visit down and make it a series of hassles. 

The Omnico platform removes these annoyances and meets all these expectations through the power of its technology and design. Guests will never notice it, they will simply find their visit is easy, straightforward and far more enjoyable. Operators, on the other hand, will see revenues rise. 

The three key points of a unified platform:

  • Brands should provide a seamless guest journey 
  • Personalise all journeys through the use of data
  • Make each journey connected through relevant and user-friendly technology

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