Simplify ticketing with a fully Integrated Ticketing Solution

Manage capacity with real-time access to ticketing information with Omnico’s ticketing system.

Create a single, centralized ticketing platform
Eliminate the need for different systems and get a single view of your real-time ticketing processes.
Reduce lines and manage capacity
Allow customers to self-serve or pre-order to minimize lines and better manage capacity.
Offer customers a more integrated experience
Link ticketing to your wider software portfolio – from food and beverage POS to mobile app and self-service kiosks – to enable customers to access and redeem offers and rewards.

Sell more tickets and upsell with our Integrated Ticketing Solution

Our Integrated Ticketing Solution has been designed to help you optimize the booking process for your teams while providing a seamless booking experience for customers.

And, when integrated with our Engagement Platform, you have the ability to upsell at every stage of the customer journey.

Get a single view of ticketing

A fully integrated ticketing system engages your customers and provides opportunities to upsell and increase your average transaction value. With the Omnico Ticketing Solution, you can centralize ticketing and manage ticket sales through a single platform. So whether you’re selling tickets online, at-gate, through a reseller or via a third party ticketing agency, ticket information is updated in real-time across your entire ticketing estate.
  • Connect your entire ticketing estate
  • Access ticketing data from a single platform

Customize for all your ticketing needs

When customer engagement and experience are competitive differentiators in the ticketing process you need to know your systems are set up with the customer at the center. Our Ticketing Solution is fully customizable, so you can optimize the booking process for employees whilst providing a seamless booking experience for customers, whether they’re making a new booking or updating an existing one.
  • Customize ticket fields
  • Sell tickets, vouchers, group tickets and season passes

Manage capacity with session based bookings

All venues have a limited capacity, but with COVID-19 reducing the number of people allowed in a venue at any given time managing ticket sales has become business critical. The Omnico Ticketing Solution allows you to allocate time slots and entry times when customers buy tickets in advance, as well as access real-time ticketing data for tickets purchased on the day. With a real-time view of bookings across all your ticketing systems you can avoid any unnecessary issues by automatically stopping bookings for dates and times that have reached capacity.
  • Set automatic capacity notifications

Increase revenue with dynamic pricing

By synchronizing real-time demand with pricing you can boost ticket sales and increase incremental revenue. Our Ticketing Solution enables dynamic pricing so you can use real-time data to increase prices at peak times to maximize revenue and funnel customers to visit at less busy times to reduce overcrowding and better manage capacity.
  • Dynamic pricing

Enable multi-pay options

Once your customers have selected their tickets. you need to avoid basket abandonment by making it as easy as possible for them to pay. Whether buying tickets at the gate, online, over the phone, through a third party ticketing agent or self-serving on a mobile app, the Omnico Ticketing Solution allows your customers to pay using their preferred method, whether Android Pay, Apple Pay, Chip and Pin, mag stripe or NFC contactless.
  • Manage ticket payments
  • Multi-pay options

Reduce lines and improve CX with RFID

With COVID-19 accelerating demand for contactless payments and solutions the adoption of RFID technology is on the rise. The Omnico Ticketing Solution is primed for use with wearable technology as well as mobile devices so you can enable customers to access and redeem offers and rewards across all your services or POS systems.
  • Mobile optimization
  • RFID enabled

Integrate ticketing with all your existing systems

Buying a ticket is step one in the customer experience, and by integrating ticketing with your third party products and applications you can improve the customer experience whilst increasing opportunities to upsell. Our full product suite enables you to integrate ticketing with the rest of your software portfolio so you don’t miss an opportunity to engage and upsell, from food and beverage POS to mobile app and self-service kiosks.
  • Automate vending
  • Fast check-in and entry management
  • Automate gates, turnstiles and lockers

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