Manage your stock across multiple locations with an integrated and centralized system

Reduce waste by accessing a real-time view of stock.

View stock levels in real time
View available stock in real time across all of your locations.
Reduce waste
Stay on top of your stock levels to minimize waste and ensure you have what you need, where you need it, at the right time.
Create responsive promotional offers
Use stock data to facilitate marketing campaigns and promotions to drive sales of surplus stock.

Helping you sell more stock and fulfill customer orders

The Omnico Stock System gives you full visibility of your stock so you can reduce waste and ensure customers get what they need in the quickest time possible.

And, when integrated with our Engagement Platform, you can leverage customer preferences to deliver hyper-personalized promotional offers and incentives that drive deeper engagement with customers and boost sales.

Get a single view of Stock

With stock and inventory scattered across multiple locations and warehouses, you need a solution primed and capable of delivering the visibility you need to make stock management simple. Our Stock System provides total oversight of all your stock and is flexible enough to handle even the most complex of inventories.
  • One centralized inventory platform

Simplify Stock Management

Whether you’re conducting a full or partial stock check, understanding what you have and tracking demand through your inventory should be simple. Our Stock System ensures that whenever you run inventory counts you can tally and check with ease.
  • Real-time stock synchronization

Minimize stock waste

Keeping stock waste to a minimum helps you improve margins and drive profits. The Omnico Stock System can be integrated with your ecommerce platform to provide real-time visibility of stock levels, making it easy to remove items that are out of stock or clearly mark items as low stock to encourage customers to act fast.
  • Automate stock management
  • Keep resource costs down
  • Mark items as ‘low stock’

Automate sourcing rules for stock

Customers are spearheading innovation and demanding flexibility in terms of how they shop and interact with brands. The Omnico Stock System and retail POS solution comes with a sourcing rules engine which automatically works out the best location to source goods from based on stock levels, timescales and where your customers want the item delivered.
  • Automate sourcing rules for goods
  • Speed up delivery times

Automate stock replenishment

The more items you stock, the more challenging it becomes to stay on top of your stock levels. But with the Omnico Stock System you can automate the replenishment of key items, categories or brands to ensure you never run out of your best-sellers. Make stock management simple.
  • Set up low stock notifications
  • Auto-replenish stock

Create real-time promotions for surplus stock

Surplus stock costs you money, eating into your margins. The Omnico Stock System helps you identify any real-time surplus in stock so you can create promotions that get your customers interested and buying.
  • Real-time notifications for surplus stock

Add new locations as you grow

Take the worry out of expanding your business. Built in the cloud, the Omnico Stock System is ready to grow and scale as you do. All you have to do is add a new location to the platform, and the stock at that location, and it’s ready to go.
  • Add new locations instantly

Stay ahead of demand with real-time stock reports

Understand in an instant which vendors are your top sellers and ensure you’re always one step ahead of demand. The Omnico Stock System delivers real-time reports and dashboards – even on in-store POS – to make sure you know how much stock you’re moving and how much money you’re making.
  • Identify your top sellers
  • Create stock categories so you know what keeps customers coming back
  • View the reports at POS

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