Insights and Analytics

Turn your data into actionable information with our Insights and Analytics Platform

Get full visibility into your operations and make informed business decisions about how and where to drive efficiency.

Access management reports in real-time
Our Insights and Analytics Platform compiles your POS data and customer engagement information into easy to understand management reports in an instant.
Identify core areas for improvement quickly
Discover unrivaled visibility into your performance and pinpoint critical areas for improvement, opportunities for development and where you’re getting things right.
Streamline operations and deliver value
The Omnico Insights and Analytics solution uses your POS and customer interaction data to highlight opportunities to streamline operations and deliver faster service for your customers and employees.

Driving business performance with real-time insights and analytics 

The Omnico Insights and Analytics Platform makes it easy to identify areas for improvement and gives you the tools you need to make positive changes, fast.

Optimize performance with real-time analytics

Connect all your tools and applications into a single platform that gives you real-time access to data so you can identify where changes need to be made.
  • A single dashboard
  • Open API infrastructure
  • Powerful data processing

Assess performance with in-depth reporting and analytics

Use our Insights and Analytics solution and built-in report and dashboard functionality to surface the data you need to see, whenever you want to see it.
  • Data-driven reporting
  • Forecasting potential
  • Identification of bottlenecks

Use data to make informed business decisions

Act at the right time and implement the right changes to improve your bottom line and customer experience on a local, national or even personal level for high-priority customers.
  • Implement locally or nationally
  • Identify high-priority customers
  • Identify ROI from business decisions

Use data to drive customer loyalty

Build more detailed customer profiles and a more complete picture of customer behavior to fuel meaningful and personalized promotions and incentives at every touchpoint.
  • Build complete customer profiles
  • Deliver better sales and marketing performance
  • Drive loyalty at POS

Set tasks through a central management console

Use our analytics engine to create a central management console to allocate tasks, manage your workforce and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • Ready-to-use dashboards and reports
  • Track employee performance
  • Set instant tasks

Create a consistent customer experience from anywhere

Create a consistent experience for your customers by getting a full view of their customer journey, accessible from any location or devices, anytime.
  • Access real-time insights from anywhere – even on the go
  • Evaluate your performance at every touchpoint
  • Scale your offering to enhance the customer experience

Our customers

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