Deliver personalization at every stage of the customer journey with Omnico’s Guest Engagement Platform

A single platform to connect your retail, food and beverage, loyalty, entitlements, ticketing and admissions transactions.

Whether buying a ticket online, on-site, or using a POS terminal, Omnico’s Engagement Platform helps you engage customers at every step, offering personalized rewards and discounts to get them spending more.
Create a single platform for customer engagement
Plug your customers’ transaction history into our digital engagement platform to get an unrivaled view of your customer data.
Understand your customers’ needs
Use your customer insights to make data-driven decisions about which rewards to offer which customer and when.
Offer personalized incentives based on historical data
Deliver the right incentive to the right customer based on their previous preferences.
Deliver real-time behavior-based promotions
Serve promotions at the right time in the customers’ buying journey, based on real-time activity, their location or other behavioral cues.
Deploy incentive schemes that drive loyalty
Introduce reward schemes to incentivize the behaviors you want your customers to do more of and increase your opportunities to upsell.
Manage stock levels and capacity with entitlements
Offer customizable meal plans for pre-purchase, redeemable across any device, or add time-based offers to manage capacity at restaurants during peak times.

Deliver personalized experiences for your customers

Connect every customer touchpoint

Truly personalized offers and incentives are a sign to customers that they are understood and listened to. The Omnico Engagement Platform brings together transaction data from every customer touchpoint across your business, building comprehensive profiles and making it easier to create meaningful experiences for your customers.
  • Connect customer facing touchpoints
  • Access customer data from a single platform

Make sense of your customer data

Thoughtful customer engagement and intelligent personalization increase dwell times and keep your customers engaged for longer. The Omnico Engagement Platform uses data-driven insights to understand your customers’ preferences at every stage of the customer journey, helping you identify the incentives that will get them to stay longer and increase visit frequency.
  • Understand each customer interaction
  • Build unique data profiles for every customer
  • Create target customer segments
  • Generate personalized offers and content

Deliver personalized offers and incentives

Relevance and convenience are core drivers of repeat custom and memorable experiences. The Omnico Engagement Platform gives you the capability to better understand your audiences, segment them based on activity or behavior, and deliver personalized offers and incentives you know they want.
  • Customize incentives
  • Create time-based entitlements

Reach customers on any device

Relevant and personalized offers, combined with mobile engagement, enhance the customer experience. The Omnico Engagement Platform is compatible with any device and operating system, so you can offer personalized rewards and upsell to customers across any device.
  • Increase upsell opportunities
  • Beacon and RFID technology ready

Drive loyalty

Getting a bargain or unlocking a reward is a powerful motivator that can build loyalty and drive engagement. The Omnico Engagement Platform makes it easy to incentivize the right behaviors and create an emotional connection with your brand that drives incremental revenue.
  • Gamification and points-based reward schemes
  • Access targeted rewards and discounts

Reduce waste and improve margins

Organizations everywhere are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. With the Omnico Engagement Platform, you can enable pre-ordering and gain deeper insight into customer behavior, so you can right-size your ordering and investment, minimize waste and improve margins.
  • Access real-time inventory insights
  • Generate inventory based offers

Build a community of engaged customers

Engaging with your customers shouldn’t be just a one-off. You need to drive loyalty by creating a loyalty and rewards program they want to be part of. The Omnico Engagement Platform can be integrated into third-party applications or built on, allowing you to create state-of-the-art mobile applications your customers actually want to use. Deliver engaging content, introduce self-serve payment options and build communities of loyal and engaged customers
  • Create communities
  • Introduce pre-paid wallets
  • Go cashless

“Omnico meets all our requirements for a more attractive set of promotions that generate greater revenue and give guests a more rewarding experience.”

Lisa Miles CEO, Lucky Eagle Casino & Hotels

“We use historical purchase data to understand what we need to provide to our customers that is both personal to them and localized to their store.”

Kraen Nielson Ostergard Chief Technology Officer, Coop Denmark

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