Pay at Table

Give employees the power to engage with customers directly with the Omnico Pay at Table solution and offering a quick and easy payment system that improves the customer experience

Create an operator-facing payment App

White-label an operator-facing Pay at Table app that replaces heavy, clunky handheld payment technology

Access the App from any device

Connect via Bluetooth and allow your employees to offer Pay at Table from any device

Create a personalized experience

Scan a QR code, ticket, or search by customer name to ensure a customer’s details are auto-filled at payment
Enable loyalty redemption
Use the customer’s stored information to ensure loyalty points are accumulated or redeemed at payment
Allow value added functionalities
Empower customers to split the bill upon request, using their preferred payment method, whether Android Pay, Apple Pay, Chip and Pin, magstripe, or NFC contactless
Offer adaptable receipts
Present customers with the option of printable or e-receipts

Helping you increase transaction value at Basket

Deploy the Omnico Basket solution to integrate all your kiosk and order-ahead solutions into a comprehensive POS system that incorporates RFID, food ordering kiosks, self-service kiosks, mobile, and order-pay.


Increase ATV by 29% with Kiosk
  • Built-in behavioral analytics
  • Multi-pay options
  • Fully customisable
  • In-Kiosk cd functionality

Mobile POS

Enable payment from any location or device with Mobile POS
  • Cloud-based
  • Automated e-receipts
  • Hosted on any device or browser
  • Multi-pay options

Mobile Order-Ahead

Reduce queues and Increase ATV by 3.5% with Mobile Order-Ahead
  • Integration with kitchen management systems
  • Capacity management
  • Built-in advanced analytics
  • Time slot allocation

Pay at Table

Enable quick and easy transactions, with Pay at Table
  • Bluetooth connection to fixed-point payment device
  • Split-bill functionality
  • Redeemable points or pre-paid meal plans

“With the ability to order ahead on mobile and purchase at kiosk stations rather than queue at the till-point, we can dramatically increase spend-per-order and slash wait times.”

Chris Fowell Head of Retail Systems, EPoS and Payments, Sodexo

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