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Engage your customers like never before with our Guest Engagement Omnico Commerce solution

Identify opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and driving loyalty with a single view of the customer journey

Our suite of Guest Engagement solutions helps you speed up service delivery and drive spending by engaging your customers with personalized promotions, at the right time, at every step of the customer journey.

Create a consistent transaction experience

Increase transaction value with our Basket Products, whether your customers pay at-table, at a kiosk, through Mobile-Order-Ahead, or Mobile POS
  • Create a single transaction engine: Unite POS interfaces and processes under a single transaction engine with variable configurations
  • Reduce queues and manage capacity at peak times: Reduce queue lengths and manage crowds by allowing customers to self-serve and go straight to a collection point
  • Integrate transactions with your existing systems: Integrate with back-office and kitchen management systems including EJ and Cash Management to connect transactions with cash flow

Engage your customers at every touchpoint

Plug our Engagement Platform into any transactional touchpoint or third-party app, and bring a new level of personalization to the customer experience.
  • Offer personalized incentives based on historical data: Deliver the right incentive, to the right customer, based on their previous preferences
  • Deliver real-time behavior-based promotions: Serve customers promotions, at the right time in their buying journey, based on real-time activity, their location, or other behavioral cues
  • Deploy incentive schemes that drive loyalty: Introduce gamification or reward schemes to incentivize specific customer behaviors and increase your opportunities to upsell

Create a flexible and intelligent ticketing platform

Simplify ticketing with our Integrated Ticketing Solution
  • Create a single centralized ticketing platform: Eliminate the need for different systems and get a single view of your real-time ticketing processes
  • Reduce queues and manage capacity: Allow customers to self-serve or pre-order to minimize queues and better manage capacity
  • Offer customers a more integrated experience: Link ticketing to your wider software portfolio – from food and beverage POS to mobile app and self-service kiosks – to enable customers to access and redeem offers and rewards

Get a single view of Stock

Manage your stock across multiple locations with an integrated and centralized system
  • View stock levels in real time: View available stock in real time across all of your location
  • Reduce waste: Stay on top of your stock levels to minimize waste and ensure you have what you need, where you need it, at the right time
  • Create responsive promotional offers: Use stock data to facilitate marketing campaigns and promotions to drive sales of surplus stock

Analyze your data to drive loyalty

Use the Omnico Insights and Analytics Solution to bring your data systems together and turn data into actionable intelligence.
  • Optimize performance with real-time analytics: Connect all your tools and applications into a single platform that gives you real-time access to data
  • Use data and reports to make informed business decisions: Act at the right time and implement the right changes to improve your bottom line and customer experience
  • Drive customer loyalty: Build more detailed customer profiles and a more complete picture of customer behavior to fuel meaningful and personalized promotions and incentives

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