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Enhancing the customer experience with a Kitchen Management Service

With food and beverage one of the greatest drivers of revenue for casinos, separating yourself from the pack means starting to think about how you can give guests the best dining experience possible

Casinos have been critically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many forced to close temporarily to stop the spread of the virus. These closures have caused millions of dollars in losses, leaving casino operators questioning how to regenerate lost revenue.

The solution lies in looking at where your casino guests are really spending in your venue. Industry research reveals only one-third of casino revenue was actually earned through gambling pre-pandemic, with 67% of revenue coming from nightlife, entertainment, and food and beverage (F&B).

With food and beverage one of the greatest drivers of revenue for casinos, separating yourself from the pack means starting to think about how you can give guests the best dining experience possible.

Connecting your front and back-of-house systems

Customer experience isn’t just about providing a good front-of-house customer service. It’s about connecting the systems and infrastructure you have in place to facilitate better experiences across your entire venue.

An integrated Kitchen Management System is just one way to achieve this, and with Omnico and Gaming Hospitality Solutions (GHS), the process is made simple.

By integrating touchless order-ahead and payment technologies with a Kitchen Management System, you can create a completely effortless journey for guests, from order, to kitchen, to table, whilst reducing waste and maximizing revenue. 

  • Increase revenue by enabling guests to order from anywhere: With on-the-go ordering and touchless ordering and payment technology, guests can order food from anywhere in your casino. That means less time queuing and more time – and money – spent at the tables 
  • Improve order accuracy: Whether guests order on-the-go from your app, or via a physical self-serve POS system on your premises, minimize frustrated diners and accidental wastage by ensuring the correct orders are sent to the kitchen 
  • Improve order speed: With every order sent to the kitchen in near real-time, your kitchen teams can speed up service by prioritizing orders as they come in 
  • Avoid waste with better inventory management: With your front and back-of-house F&B systems connected, you can keep on top of inventory in real-time, and ensure your guests avoid disappointment by removing items from your menu that are no longer available
  • Boost spending with personalized offers: Give guests a top-quality experience and drive long-term loyalty by offering them personalized rewards however they order and buy F&B in your venue. These rewards and offers could be based on their previous purchase habits, or real-time deals to help you get rid of surplus stock 

By working with Omnico and GHS to connect your front and back-of-house F&B systems, you can allow guests to access F&B from anywhere in your venue – whether they’re in their room, at the bar, or playing at the tables. And, by connecting these ordering systems with personalized entitlements, rewards, and a Kitchen Management System, you can reduce waste, better manage inventory, and provide a seamless service to guests.

Make your mark on customers with an improved F&B experience… 

To find out more about how Omnico and GHS can improve your F&B operation, send us an email and we’ll get right back in touch.

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