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Enhance guest engagement and spending at attractions

Customer confidence is at rock bottom thanks to the pandemic. In fact, Omnico’s survey of over 4,000 US and UK consumers shows that 8 out of 10 of your customers are feeling reluctant to visit attractions this year.

Visitor attractions all over the world are united by a common dilemma: how do you get nervous visitors back through the gates and spending again? 

Hand gel stations, social distancing posters, and generic discounts sent over email might go some way in helping. But our latest research shows you’re going to need much more than that to survive 2021.

Customer confidence is at rock bottom thanks to the pandemic. In fact, Omnico’s survey of over 4,000 US and UK consumers shows that 8 out of 10  of your customers are feeling reluctant to visit attractions this year.

Under pressure to get visitors back through the gates, the pandemic has expedited digital transformation for attractions. Technology that was once a ‘nice-to-have’ is now becoming vital.

6 tips for overhauling payment technology

At Omnico, we’re helping theme parks, waterparks, zoos, aquariums, and non-profit attractions connect their payment technology with loyalty and rewards to encourage visitors to come back and spend more.

From enabling cashless and cardless payments on site, to developing apps that allow customers to organize their experience online, our payment technology is helping attractions:

  1. Create a single transaction engine: From ticketing and entry, to purchasing food and merchandise on site, every customer interaction is an opportunity to upsell and drive transaction value. By uniting your POS interfaces and processes under a single transaction engine with variable configurations, you can unite payment technology across your entire attraction estate 
  2. Integrate transactions with existing technology and systems:Integrate your back-office and front-of-house management systems, including EJ and Cash Management, to connect transactions with cash flow. Offer time-based entitlements during peak-times, track time-at-table, and manage your floor plans in real-time to ensure you’re always operating at full capacity 
  3. Get guests spending more with RFID technology: With COVID-19 accelerating demand for contactless payments and technology, integrating your gates, turnstiles, lockers and/or drinks and vending machines with RFID technology – primed for use with wearable technology and mobile devices – will encourage guests to spend more.
  4. Increase transaction capacity with self-service: Serve more customers, reduce queue lengths, and manage crowds by allowing customers to self-serve and go straight to an allocated collection point to pay
  5. Enable any payment method: Whether guests pay-at-table, self-serve at kiosks, or order ahead on an app, simplify payments by integrating with over 15 payment gateways for card and digital, including FreedomPay, Elavon, ACI, Worldpay, and Adye
  6. Offer personalized incentives with every transaction: Whether using a mobile app, tablet till point, or mobile kiosk, boost average transaction value by offering visitors personalized rewards, discounts, and promotions with every payment, whether they pay at kiosk, on a POS terminal, through order-ahead, or at-table

Overhaul your payment technology with Omnico

Touchless technology is a must as attractions re-open – but it has to be backed with powerful, personalized engagement to drive loyalty and encourage repeat visits post-pandemic.

For more information on how you can overhaul your payment technology with Omnico, access our Product Brochure here.

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