Customer Support and Services

Ensuring your teams make the best use of our products, every day.

We help our attraction, casino, retail and catering customers ensure they’re making the most of our products by giving them the right level of service and support. We do this in four ways – via our customer support team, our managed services offerings, our specialist services and our education and training services.

Customer support packages

We take customer support to the next level by offering you an Essential, Enhanced and Enterprise package, depending on your business needs.

Whether you need incident management, problem management or defect management support – across your entire hardware and software estate or just part of it – we offer flexible support packages to make sure your systems are always working to their full potential.

Essential Service Package

For all customers wanting to ensure optimal availability of your Applications (and Infrastructure for hosted customers). Omnico’s Essential Service Package gives you peace of mind to ensure your end-user products and systems are running as efficiently as possible. Complement your experience with Omnico’s Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service to increase your time to value in the Omnico solution.

*Available with cloud service only
Essential includes:
  • Technical support in line with ITIL standards
  • Level 3 Support team to diagnose problems
  • Level 4 Engineering team to correct any product defects
  • Business Day manned service
  • 24/7 self-service portal and knowledge base
  • Software updates included for maximum security
  • Service Management to ensure timely communication
  • Remote Support of Endpoints and Central Servers using OmniRun
  • Proactive performance monitoring*
  • Security Management via Multi-tiered Anti-Virus protection*
  • Event Management*
  • Release Management*

Enhanced Service Package

Building on Essential, our Enhanced Service Package includes a Level 2 Incident Management team to take the pressure off maintaining your in-house service operations. By outsourcing responsibility for managing the lifecycle of incidents to us, we’ll ensure normal service is restored as quickly as possible following any issues and ensure that the business impact of incidents is minimized.

*Available with cloud service only
All the benefits of ‘Essential’ plus:
  • Level 2 Incident Management team to maximize availability
  • Extended hours manned service
  • Service Request Fulfilment for information, advice or performing a standard change
  • Quarterly Performance Review Meeting
  • 24/7 Major Incident Management (P1) providing an enhanced service of coordination and escalation during the highest impact situation
  • Remote Endpoint Management Services including OmniCommerce, Windows and Anti-Virus software updating using OmniRun
  • Customer Success*
  • Availability Management*
  • Capacity Management*
  • Continuity Management*

Enterprise Service Package

For customers requiring a complete support package, our Enterprise Service Package is the one for you. In addition to all the features of Enhanced, you’ll also benefit from on-site installation support (for non-hosted customers) adding high touch engagement services via a Customer Success Manager.
All of the benefits of ‘Enhanced’ plus:
  • 24/7 P1 & P2 manned service
  • Hi-Touch Customer Success to achieve greater product adoption and time to value*
  • Monthly Performance Review Meetings
  • Supported deployment of up to three OmniCommerce product updates per year

Managed services

If you don’t have the resources to manage everything in-house, why not outsource the management of your Omnico systems to our team of experts? 
We’ll monitor your systems around the clock, offer hosted infrastructure and endpoint management and perform specialist services such as pricing and promotions support as well as a host of additional proactive services so your systems are always working to their full capacity. 

From cloud infrastructure services in Microsoft Azure, to endpoint management of POS, Kiosks and mobile POS devices, we offer a full suite of managed services to help you realize a faster time to value in your Omnico solution.

  • Omnico Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service: Complement your Support Services with our cloud infrastructure service which relieves your IT team of day-to-day administration and maintenance tasks
  • Endpoint Managed Service: If you have deployed your Omnico products into your own data center, maintaining and updating all your endpoints requires you to keep all your systems in sync and current.  
Omnico understands that sometimes you may just require a helping hand to get your operations back to peak performance after time out due to seasonal schedules or because of returning from COVID restrictions. We have a range of Specialist Services to provide you with some extra support when you most need it.
Systems Health Check
Our Systems Health Check can review your technical configuration across your entire venue – including both software and hardware performance – to diagnose any errors that will impact service delivery. Our engineers then make recommendations on the best next steps to optimize performance so you can avoid any downtime and lost revenue.
Start-Up Services
Our Till Restart service connects your tills to the central system so that all historical data from the past year is synced with future transaction, product and promotion data when you start welcoming guests back at full capacity. By ensuring your systems are synced and simultaneously updating in real time, you can give guests the right product, pricing and promotion information at point of sale and increase transaction value.
Configuration Changes
You can engage Omnico to schedule a range of minor configuration changes automatically, including services such as Item Maintenance (adding and changing prices, tagging items for kitchen printing or similar), Promotion Setup (configuring new basic promotions), POS Button Configuration, Discount Configuration and many other User Maintenance services that can be challenging for new starters or other busy users to remember.
Event Hyper-Care
With Event Hyper-Care, you’ll have dedicated Omnico Support at hand to resolve issues in near real-time, whether you’re unable to handle transaction quantity or need support managing the number of orders processed at your event or during the peak season rush. With our support team by your side, you can ensure your systems are fully optimized so you don’t miss an opportunity for event revenue.

Omnico Training Academy

With a full range of online, classroom and video-based courses as well as product demonstrations, the Omnico Training Academy is designed to educate you and your teams about how to get the most from our products. 

Step 1: Select the type of training you want teams to receive

Whether learning the ropes of a new Omnico product or upgrading to a new version, our bespoke product and refresher training is tailored to your business needs and requirements. All you need to do is decide what product or service areas your team needs training on and we’ll build a product and refresher program around your business needs so your teams are ready to make the most of our products.

Step 2: Choose how you want teams to access training

Once you’ve decided on the type of training you want to receive, you can choose how your teams access it:

Subscription video training
With access to a full library of short videos, such as ‘How do I add a new user’, or ‘How do I set up a promotion’, your teams can quickly find the answers they need without wading through lots of documentation. And when new staff join, or new product and software updates are launched, we’ll make sure the right people have access to the right video training to do their jobs.

Live-stream or In-person Classroom Training
Whether for new staff or to update your existing team on how to get the most from our new product features, we can offer you bespoke training sessions – either over a virtual meeting room or in person – with our team of experts.

Step 3: Get peace of mind with full accreditation

When your teams attend our training sessions, we’ll credit you with the relevant qualification. We’ll advise you when refresher sessions are needed so you have peace of mind and confidence that your employees are always using our products to their full potential.

Want to know more?

To find out more about how our tailor-made services can benefit your business, contact our Customer Service team