Omnico Commerce: 4 things casino guests want in 2022

It will take a lot more than hand gel and social distancing to get visitors back in through gates.

Omnico Commerce: How attractions can meet guest expectations post covid

It will take a lot more than hand gel and social distancing to get visitors back in through gates.

Helping attractions optimize guest experience

Download the guide to understand how our Omnico Commerce platform enables you to offer guests a single entertainment experience, uniting transactions, data, security, and business logic with standardized APIs across your retail, F&B, entertainment, hospitality, ticketing, and entitlements touchpoints.

5 steps to rebuild attractions, drive footfall, and boost loyalty in 2021

79% of consumers are reluctant to visit attractions in 2021 and 33% believe attractions aren’t doing enough to limit visitor numbers

Unlock the benefits of uniting your point-of-sale systems with promotions and loyalty

67% of Casino revenue comes from food and beverage, hotel, entertainment and nightlife revenue

How to recover positively from Covid

How Theme Parks and Destination Resorts can positively recover from Covid

Smart ticketing whitepaper

For operators the benefits of smart ticketing come as an uplift of 30% - 40% in spending per guest but could be four times greater if scan-and-pay or kiosk technology is included.

Six tips on integrating franchisees

Six tips to give supermarkets the full value of food and beverage offerings.

What’s hot and what’s a bot

2020 technology trends for Theme parks, Resorts, Casinos, Hospitality and workplace Catering.

Omnico’s single transaction platform

One engine to power them all. Download our whitepaper to understand the benefits of a single transaction platform

Kiosk catering whitepaper

Reveal the benefits of kiosk technology for contract caterers, quick-service restaurants and cafes.

Kiosk theme park and casino whitepaper

Providing Theme Park, Resort destination and Casino operators with insight into how Kiosks can increase revenues and visit frequency.

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