What do casino guests want in 2022? Here are their four top demands

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Omnico Commerce: 4 things casino guests want in 2022

It will take a lot more than hand gel and social distancing to get visitors back in through gates.

Omnico Commerce: How attractions can meet guest expectations post covid

It will take a lot more than hand gel and social distancing to get visitors back in through gates.

Four must-have contactless tools for attractions and casinos

What exactly do these contactless tools look like? In this blog, we’ll take a look at four of the key contactless tools that are helping attractions provide the best possible experience for guests – and how Omnico can help you implement them.

Rising demand for tech-first experiences at attractions

According to our research, over half of consumers believe attractions need to invest in technology to address COVID-19 safety concerns – and such investment would make them more likely to visit during and post pandemic.
Self service kiosks

Driving customer loyalty and repeat visits with personalization

With visitor numbers likely to be lower in 2021, it’s vital that you start investing now in driving loyalty to keep those customers who do visit coming back for more. So how do you enable personalization? The simple answer is with technology!

5 trends to drive footfall and loyalty in 2021

We found that a staggering 8 in 10 consumers are hesitant about visiting casinos, theme parks and other attractions in 2021.

How technology will help attractions regain lost revenue post-COVID

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to get them spending, and, by implementing the right technology, you can please today’s tech-savvy customers, whilst encouraging them to spend more.

Unlock the benefits of uniting your point-of-sale systems with promotions and loyalty

67% of Casino revenue comes from food and beverage, hotel, entertainment and nightlife revenue

Robots rocket Theme park visitor spending on food and drink by 160%

Global research shows 62% of Theme park visitors ready to spend up to four times more than normal if a robot brings food and drink to their exact location.

How to recover positively from Covid

How Theme Parks and Destination Resorts can positively recover from Covid

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