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A tough balancing act for visitor attractions – driving revenue vs. managing capacity

Nobody wants to read about scenes of ‘chaos’ at their attraction from queues of visitors and in-efficiencies in managing capacity.
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Super-charging legacy retail

How Covid has accelerated innovation

Rising demand for contactless experiences at attractions

To better understand what contactless technology visitors expect, and what this means for attractions and casinos, we surveyed 4,000 attraction visitors to find out.

Five tips for Theme parks and destination resorts to re-capture visitor engagement

The right type of targeted incentives will encourage greater brand engagement, which in turn dramatically increases the frequency of your repeat visitors.

Technology will tempt employees back to the workplace restaurant

Omnico research found 70 per cent of staff would visit their cafeteria more often with a loyalty programme. We also found a loyalty scheme redeemable against purchases would encourage another two visits per week from a customer.

The Touchless Ecosystem, by Omnico – Food & Beverage

Our ecosystem not only facilitates the food order, it also delivers 4 things that everyone of your customers will be looking for: safety, speed, convenience, and most importantly, piece of mind.

For attraction operators, social-distancing must be addressed

As societies emerge from Covid-19 lockdown, parks and casinos must adapt to new rules about physical contact.

Apps, kiosks and self-service revolution enabled by POS enhancement

Consumer expectations have quickly adapted to new technologies that strip the hassle out of shopping.

Sodexo ‘snack’ research highlights need for more tech

A recent survey by Sodexo in North America, which serves more than 12 million meals a month to students and staff at 700 colleges and universities, reveals the newest snack trends coming to market in 2020.

Meet our Partner: Preoday

The mobile and online ordering technology company allowing consumers to book, order online and pay for their food, drink and merchandise, for collection or delivery.

Smart, personal, sustainable – trends that will shape catering in 2020

For a caterer to stay relevant, they’ll have to do more than tweak the menu and spruce up the specials board; they’ll need to observe their customers carefully and keep a keen eye on the competition to stand any chance of staying ahead.

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