Guest engagement

A tough balancing act for visitor attractions – driving revenue vs. managing capacity

Nobody wants to read about scenes of ‘chaos’ at their attraction from queues of visitors and in-efficiencies in managing capacity.

Discover Omnico’s brand new room-service app

Our purchase channel package for casinos and attractions now creates a unified transaction journey — right down to hotel rooms.

Why contactless is vital to guest experience this summer

If you haven’t considered it yet or are struggling to get buy in for the switch, here are three key reasons you should go contactless at your attraction this summer

Rise in demand for VIP experiences at attractions

Using the right technology to create personalized VIP experiences for guests, you’re making it more attractive for customers to upgrade, giving visitors the best experience possible, and creating more opportunities to upsell and drive loyalty.

Rising demand for contactless experiences at attractions

To better understand what contactless technology visitors expect, and what this means for attractions and casinos, we surveyed 4,000 attraction visitors to find out.

Using technology to ensure visitor safety post-pandemic

To better understand the safety measures consumers care about — and how you can meet their post-pandemic expectations — we surveyed 4,000 attraction visitors.

Ensuring your systems are fully optimized for the year ahead

We’re offering a suite of one-off or regular Managed Service Packages to help you reboot your systems, so you can ensure they’re fully optimized and working at max capacity when guests return.

5 steps to rebuild attractions, drive footfall, and boost loyalty in 2021

79% of consumers are reluctant to visit attractions in 2021 and 33% believe attractions aren’t doing enough to limit visitor numbers

Enhancing the customer experience with a Kitchen Management Service

With food and beverage one of the greatest drivers of revenue for casinos, separating yourself from the pack means starting to think about how you can give guests the best dining experience possible

3 ways attractions can drive loyalty post-pandemic

We outline three ways technology can help you drive visitor loyalty post pandemic.

Enhance guest engagement and spending at attractions

Customer confidence is at rock bottom thanks to the pandemic. In fact, Omnico’s survey of over 4,000 US and UK consumers shows that 8 out of 10 of your customers are feeling reluctant to visit attractions this year.

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